Weed Coffeeshop Seattle          Seattle Washington is notorious for Coffee shops where patrons can enjoy a cup of some of the best coffees around. With cold climates and a robust city it makes for the perfect match. Recently Washington State has legalized recreational marijuana and doors opened in July of 2014. Does this mean we see a boom of weed coffee shops like they have in Amsterdam?

Surely this would be the most natural evolution for Seattle given that weed is now legal for everyone state wide. While Amsterdam might be a little extreme given that just about everything is legal there. There are some amazing coffee shops there where you can buy a joint and a gourmet coffee. To give you an idea, some of these are two stories with windows looking down on high traffic streets. Relaxing Reggae music fills the well lit room and the place is perfectly decorated and extremely safe feeling. Near the window there are stools and ash trays with great ventilation and cool temperatures.  Couches and coffee tables fill the rest of the room and the crowd vibe is mellow and happy. Unlike your typical alcohol bar at 12am where noise is loud and problems arise between the drunkest of the drunk. A weed coffee shop really feels like a happy relaxing place.  Anything from pastries to fruit smoothies are served and the selection of weed is outstanding.

Surely this is the perfect match for Seattle and business would boom for a place like this. However, given that legalization just happened this remains a grey area for officials. Will they allow places like this or make people stay in their homes or cars to smoke. Only time will tell but places like this will be found on BudPubs when they open.

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