Weed club rules

Everything has rules! Even weed clubs, so here is a break down of some of the most important rules most clubs have if you want to smoke socially!

#1 – BYOB
No this not bring your own beer, this is “bring your own Buds”. For many clubs, coffee shops, bars and tours that are listed on BudPubs they do not sell anything on site. And they especially do not want you to ask! Remember BudPubs is “Where to Smoke”, not where to buy and many sites on here make this their rule number #1. Some of the places on this site that are in Amsterdam and even recreational weed shops that sell and allow smoking are listed on here and do sell weed. So do your own research on the place if that is what your looking for.

#2 Be of Age
Do not attempt to walk into a weed club if you are under 18 or in some cases under 21. Even though these places do not sell weed they absolutely do not contribute to minors smoking on their premises.

#3 Do not show up drunk
Most of the sites on here are mellow Vape clubs and want to keep it this way. If you are looking to drink and smoke then go to our bars section where you can do both, unfortunately this are mainly in Amsterdam. Clubs will refuse service to you if you show up wasted and want to smoke.

#4 Do not sell anyone pot
These clubs listed on our site are legal and want to stay that way. They do not want a selling environment or any other transactions going on in their clubs.

#5 Membership Required
Most of these clubs require a small membership fee and forms to join saying you will follow rules. Usually the fee is small and you can pick between yearly, monthly or day use. But either way expect a small fee to join their establishment.