Vermont legalization bill is up for review to legalize Cannabis in 2016. While not the first state to do so they are unique in one way. And this is that the bill includes on-site cannabis consumption. Or in other words, it allows the existence of Cannabis Lounges.

Cannabis Lounges was something previously not discussed right away in states like Colorado. Thus making the lounge industry unclear as to investing in such a business. The details of the proposal could bring new meaning to the states nickname The Green Mountain. Allowing cultivation, transport, retail sales, testing and lounges. Leading the bill Senator White told lawmakers it was necessary to include the presence of Cannabis Lounges to there is a designated location to consume legally. Thus avoiding local and tourism concerns like smoking on the streets or in shady locations. The bill allows license of 84 retail stores and 42 cannabis lounges. The lounges may even be able to provide up to a quarter at one time.

The bill is still in the process and unfortunately could get push back from the Governor. However it is interesting that Cannabis Lounges are now being including on such bills. We look forward to more information from Vermont in the year.