After nearly 20 years of stoner antics on the small and big screens, the Trailer Park Boys are now in talks to enter the legal weed industry. TPB Productions, owned by actors Robb Wells, Jean-Paul Tremblay, and Mike Smith – better known as Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles – have announced a partnership with Moncton, New Brunswick-based cannabis company OrganiGram that will bring trailer hash and six-paper joints to the Canadian masses. While OrganiGram currently focuses on medical marijuana, the deal comes in anticipation of the Canadian government potentially proposing legal recreational cannabis within the coming months.

“This relationship solidifies one of our strategic building blocks as we plan for the legalization of recreational use in Canada. The team at Trailer Park Boys have an aligned vision to develop a National brand with our assistance and we’re incredibly excited at how the partnership will come to life,” said Ray Gracewood, Chief Commercial Officer at OrganiGram in a recent press release.

The partnership between TPB Productions and OrganiGram will include developing branding, packaging, and product placement/advertisements featuring the Boys and their signature stoner verbiage. Could strains called “Samsquamch,” “Phil Collins,” and “J-Roc Kush” be on the way? The short answer is: probably. The Trailer Park Boys have been synonymous with dope since the late 90s and it seems more than fitting that on the dawn of the green rush the infamous potheads are following in the footsteps of fellow celebrities Snoop Dogg and Whoopi Goldberg in launching their own lucrative cannabis brand.

“We had been monitoring closely to best understand how we might be able to enter the cannabis space in Canada,” said Louis Thomas, President of Sonic Entertainment Group, representing TPB Productions in this transaction. After our initial meeting with the Maritime based executive team at OrganiGram, we all felt strongly that they were the perfect partner and the timing was right to move forward.”

The Boys from Sunnyvale Trailer Park have had success in the branding game before. Earlier this year, Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles released Liquormen’s Ol’ Dirty Canadian Whisky to frenzied fans across the Great White North. For those not familiar with Trailer Park Boys, the characters are usually just as drunk as they are stoned – which is VERY. It’s not clear if Corey and Trevor Tequila or Randy’s Rum will follow, but it certainly could. Trailer Park Boys is an insanely popular show  and brand awareness is at a fever pitch.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has promised to introduce legislation sometime in 2017 that could legalize recreational cannabis. Canada already has medical marijuana yet Trudeau has not specifically outlined his legalization plans. The Trailer Park Boys will be among the first in the country to have their own pot branding, which all fans know makes perfect sense. Freedom 35 indica is on its way!