Vaporizers are becoming one of the most popular ways to smoke. And you don’t have to be a vegetarian juicing animal activist to catch on to this so called less toxic way to smoke. In fact the vapes are becoming so well made that you actually might like it way better!
Over 30% of marijuana users are said to use vaporizer to consume their weed. And even some clubs featured on Budpubs chose to be vape only weed clubs. Could this be a cleaner future where all pot clubs do vapes only?
Well in the sake of research we put on our testing lab coats and built a list of our top 10 vaporizers.

#1 VapeXhale Cloud Evo with Hydratube

Vapexhale has become a new leader in this industry using the vape hydratube combo. If you haven’t seen this before its quite the future. Basically a vape bong combo for that familiar bong rip with the cleanliness of the vape. This will run you about $449 and the hydratube is extra with many models to choose from.

#2 Extreme Q by Arizer

This is quite a sweet deal from them, you get a ton of stuff in your kit. This is said to have some of the best vape features for the buck. It is also one of the leading vapes in the industry by sales. This can be used with a tube or a bag so if your used to one this can still work for you. We found this to be great because of what it does for the price.

#3 Volcano

Okay okay, I know what your thinking, we put the best vape ever made at number 3! And it is true this is still the best and it could run you quite a bit. Most clubs seem to have these laying around for customers to use. And it is extreamly well made and fun to look at. It burns at just the right temp as not to burn the weed but vape it so less toxins get into the bag. Be ready to drop a cool $670 bucks on this one. But well worth it!

#4 Plenty

This looks more like your dads power drill then a vape but don’t let the design fool you. This thing is made great and good for personal use or to share. It is a bit more portable this other vapes above and still about as high quality as it gets.

#5 Pax Vaporizer by Ploom


Well now this my friends will change the future for everyone that smokes. This thing is only a bit larger then a lighter and you would think your getting a iphone when you get the box. It is extremely well thought out and the sleekest of all the vapes we have seen. Please go see one of these in person! This is our personal favorite here for the personal everyday vape and will run you around $249.

#6 Silver Surfer

Awesome design, great hits and made in Colorado. What more can you say about the Silver Surfer vape. These things are awesome and sure to be in every vape club in the near future. This runs about $270 bucks and you can customize it on line!

#7 Atmos Raw – First Place

Discrete small dab pin that gets huge reviews from top magazines. This is one of the best vape pens in the business. It works best with concentrates or even straight buds which makes it one of the best low pro pens around.

#8 Thermo Vape

This vape pen kinda looks like some of the ecig vapes but hits great and a little bigger. This vape lasts a long time on the batter life and used for liquids and concentrates. Good enough size and strength to pass around with the friends or keep around for personal use.

#9 Firefly Portable

Another awesome portable vape for personal use on the go. This thing runs about $269 and works like a champ. This is also a loose leaf vape if that is what your looking for. The device has a supper cool design and fits in your pocket. This is kind of the sneak a toke in a vape version that we used back in the days.

#10 Cloud Vaporizer
1st place winner at the medical cannabis cup and the price on this is just right. This is the best starter portable vape you can get at $79 bucks. It works great and is super chill with a sleek design.