Barbary Coast has well established itself as one of San Francisco’s most beautifully built and professionally operated medical marijuana clinics. Their unique wood and glass shelf interior designs, combined with a robust range of top shelf cannabis products, have made them one of the clubs that makes the City so famous in the industry.
Now that Barbary Coast plans to open a BudPub with in the coming months, One can only imagine how stylish and classy this lounge may look. This medicating or cannabis lounge is reported, to the writer by the club, to be currently under construction. It is reportedly approved to open by necessary city officials and/or departments as well. The lounge is believed to offer its patients both dab rigs for vaping and smoking of flower. However, if smoking of flower, such as a joint, will be allowed is unknown at the time of this article. What is known is the promise that this new cannabis lounge will be one of San Francisco’s hottest places to smoke weed socially in style!