Voters in Denver, Colorado have approved a first-in -the-nation law that permits bars and restaurants to offer patrons the option to use marijuana alongside a meal or a cocktail. Proposition 300 was approved by voters in Denver on the same day the state of California as well as other two states approved marijuana for all adults. Five other states also approved the use of marijuana for sick people. However, according to the proposition, smoking of marijuana is not allowed in the restaurants or bars. The bar or restaurant must have a designated area where users can smoke. On top of that, the owner of the locations must get an approval of the neighbors.  The following are some of the limitations to the law:

Approval from the neighbors

Before a bar or a restaurant is allowed to facilitate smoking of marijuana, the owner of the facility must have the support of the neighbors. This is a requirement for you to get a license to allow smoking of pot. On top of that, customers will be required to bring their own weed. This is a move to prevent the sale of both weed and food or drink in a single area.

No smoking of pot inside entertainment establishments

The willing bars or restaurants should have pot smoking areas. Customers should only be allowed to use marijuana only if it is not smoked. Additionally, this law permits other non-service establishments, for example, art galleries or yoga galleries should create marijuana smoking areas for use by their clients. This is aimed at providing adults with private areas to smoke and not to interfere with the lives of other non-users.

Alaska is by far the only state that specifically regulates on-site marijuana consumption at pot shops. Nonetheless, the state does not allow the use of marijuana in restaurants or bars. This is a clear indication of how tolerant the society is becoming towards the use of marijuana.

The proposition requires willing bars and restaurants to train their staff in the use of marijuana and also to submit an elaborate operations plan that shows how they will prevent the use of cannabis by underage customers. The establishments are also expected to set up strategies and procedures for identifying over-intoxicated customers and how they will respond to consumers who are intoxicated.

The main goal of this law or proposition is to provide adult individuals with private areas where they can consume marijuana. This law does not only help tourists, but also adults who may not want to use marijuana in front of their children. It is also meant to give renters, whose landlords prohibit the use of pot in their establishments, an option to consume it elsewhere.       Pr