• Green Sprouts Cafe & Vapor Lounge

    Barrie’s first cannabis lounge, established January 17th, 2017! A bright and inviting cafe to enjoy your medicine while sipping on a coffee or one of our strain-name inspired, flavoured lattes! Host to many diverse events for the local community such as weekly yoga classes, monthly comedy nights, performance art, Barrie Read more [...]

  • Puff Lounge

    Located in Calgary, Alberta Canada This is a small one of a kind cannabis lounge. They allow Flower, concentrates, edibles and Vaping. Website located at www.CalgaryCannabisLounge.com


    SMOKE & PAINT 420 CANNABIS FRIENDLY ALL INCLUSIVE ART CLASS Welcome to Kush & Canvases a Cannabis friendly all inclusive art class. Smoke & Paint, it’s the perfect place to unwind and get lit. Think of Wine and Paint, Canvases & Cocktails, Sipping & Paint. Kush and Canvese brings your Read more [...]

  • Coffeeshop Amsterdam

    Welcome to Coffeeshop Amsterdam ☕️ Located just a stone’s throw away from Central Station with 90 seats and a stylishly decorated interior. This is the perfect spot with your friends or alone to ease your mind and just enjoy! Coffeeshop Amsterdam is located on the famous Haarlemmerstraat. Often referred to Read more [...]

  • Big Shots

    Big Shots is a cannabis friendly sports bar located in the City of Amsterdam. Big Shots is know for its lively and fun atmosphere. The ambiance and TV programming is mostly all sports related which draws the sports loving crowds traveling and local to the area. This high energy and Read more [...]

  • My 420 Tours

    Since 2013, My 420 Tours has trail blazed the cannabis travel landscape. In the early days here in the legalization epicenter of Denver, CO, our first creation was a fantasy-come-true vacation package. We sent our guests deep into the budding reality of large scale grow ops and recreational dispensaries with Read more [...]

  • Cannabliss Park

    Cannabliss Park is a Cannabis Social Club, where you can read, weed, relax, play ping-pong, chess, board games, shoot pool, listen to music or just chit-chat with other enthusiasts. BYOC, must be 21 and have valid ID.

  • 420 Social Club

    The 420 Social Club was founded by 3 veterans, managed by medical cannabis patients and now run by members. Offering a sanctuary for mmj patients to medicate and socialize in a safe place. We offer a bong bar, dab bar, community space and lounge area. We have moved to the Read more [...]

  • Alchemy Lounge

    The Alchemy Lounge is a private and elegant space where members can legally and safely consume medical cannabis. Our members enjoy the privileges of magical collaboration with other industry connoisseurs, and gain the opportunity to learn about & experience the newest products on the market, all while consuming their medical Read more [...]

  • Barbary Coast – San Francisco

    The Barbary Coast is located at 952 Mission Street in San Francisco, California. This club has one of San Francisco TOP cannabis lounges! A beautiful dab bar, ample seating and top cannabis menu make for an attractive combination. The lounge is sleekly decorated with lovely brick walls, amazing interior woodwork Read more [...]

  • Studio 420

    Studio 420 is a members pipe and tobacco shop that allows tobacco and cannabis consumption on site. 21+ safe secure friendly environment wifi snacks refreshments available -no alcohol allowed Full head shop on premises. Reasonable glass and gifts available for purchase *house glass available for consumption at no additional charge.

  • Niagara Cannabis Club

    The Niagara Cannabis Club is located at 108 Hartzel Road in St. Catharines, Canada. St. Catherines is located on the south side of Lake Ontario. It is a short drive from Niagara Falls and a modest drive from Buffalo, New York. The Niagara Cannabis Club’s moto is “Buds Helping Buds” Read more [...]

  • Planet Paradise

    Planet Paradise is a premiere cannabis friendly vapor lounge located at 51 Winchester Street in Toronto, Canada. Planet Paradise offer its members an extremely nice setting and atmosphere. The lounge has a beautiful dab bar running the entire length of the lounge which is lined with high end e-nails (electronic Read more [...]

  • The Greenhouse Effect Coffeeshop

    The Greenhouse Effect Coffeeshop is located in Amsterdam’s world famous Centrum. The Centrum is full of fun cannabis friendly coffeeshops however the Greenhouse Effect stands out from the rest of them due to its better than average marijuana menu, atmosphere and design. The indoor area offers visitors a nice lounge Read more [...]

  • Harvest

    Harvest is a cannabis club and lounge located at 33 29th Street in the City of San Francisco. This location is the club’s second and is known as “Harvest off Mission”. Ever since its grand opening party on the 15th of December 2017, Harvest has been a stylish, luxurious, safe Read more [...]

  • NW Cannabis Club

    The NW Cannabis Club is a CANNABIS SOCIAL CLUB located in Portland, Oregon. The NW Cannabis Club has a fifty foot dab bar with e-nails and volcano vaporizers for members to use! Snacks & drinks, a pool table, shuffleboard, a foosball table and more are at the club making it Read more [...]

  • Canapa Caffe – Rome

    The Canapa Caffe is located in the beautiful, ancient and famous City of Rome. The Canapa Caffe is Rome’s FIRST EVER cannabis vapor lounge which allows medical marijuana patents to medicate using vaporizers in a safe and enjoyable social atmosphere! Patients enjoying the cannabis vapor lounge are also able to Read more [...]

  • Whakamana Cannabis Museum – New Zealand

    The Whakamana Cannabis Museum, based in Dunedin, is New Zealand’s FIRST ever cannabis museum. Whakamana Cannabis Museum is a center of cannabis activism, education and law reform in the country of New Zealand. The museum has both permanent and temporary exhibits which display such things as consumption devices, memorabilia, cannabis related products Read more [...]

  • Urban Pharm

    Urban Pharm is located at 122 10th Street in the city of San Francisco, California. This is a cannabis dispensary and cannabis smoking lounge! Visitors to the club are able to enjoy the stylish dab bar and smoking lounge with a nice cannabis menu being offered by the club! Weekly events take place Read more [...]

  • Vapor Central

    Vapor Central is a cannabis vapor lounge located at 667 Yonge Street (2nd floor) in the beautiful city of Toronto! Vapor Central is one of Canada’s premier, established and best known cannabis lounges! The lounge tends to draw energetic crowds on a regular basis to its unique fun-loving atmosphere! Vapor Read more [...]

  • The Bulldog – The First

    The First is the original Bulldog cannabis coffeeshop in the long running legacy of Bulldog locations though the Netherlands and world. Set in the cannabis friendly city of Amsterdam, this cannabis coffeeshop began its story in the 1970 as more of a speakeasy. The First (Bulldog) is an awesome place Read more [...]

  • The Bulldog Rock Shop

    The Bulldog Rock Shop coffeeshop is located in the famous cannabis friendly city of Amsterdam! The Coffeeshop was opened in 1993 and has long been a top destinations for cannabis lovers traveling though the beautiful city of Amsterdam. Conveniently located near central station inside the Jordaan neighborhood of Amsterdam, the Read more [...]

  • Green Leaf Vapour Lounge

    The Green Leaf Vapour Lounge is an awesome cannabis lounge located in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. This cannabis vape lounge is located at the corner unit at 85 Rosedale Ave W #1. The Green Leaf offers visitors a comfortable and safe place to vape cannabis! The Lounge commonly offers visitors weekly event such as Read more [...]

  • Cannabis Culture Lounge

    Marc Emery’s Cannabis Culture Lounge is located at 307 West Hastings Street in Vancouver, Canada. The Cannabis Culture Lounge is know as “Vancouver’s Original Vapor Lounge”. The Lounge is a great place to kick back, relax and enjoy vaping cannabis. The atmosphere is comfortable, inviting and is located in the Read more [...]

  • Harvest – Geary Blvd

    Harvest – Geary Blvd is possibly one of the most beautiful and exclusive cannabis lounges in the world. This is a members only cannabis lounge that offers its visitors a beautiful and sleek environment where they can consume cannabis socially. Located at 4811 Geary Boulevard in the cannabis friendly city of San Francisco, Harvest Read more [...]

  • Coffeeshop Rockland

    Coffeeshop Rockland is a located in the scenic city of Amsterdam. Rockland offers a stylish and comfortable interior. A sleek modern design is complemented by a friendly atmosphere. Coffeeshop Rockland has a good cannabis menu, drinks and treats too.

  • The Red Light Bar Coffee Shop

    The Red Light Bar Coffee Shop is Located in the Famous City of Amsterdam. The Red Light Bar offers a cannabis menu, coffee drinks, alcoholic drinks and comfortable environment. Known as a night time party spot, The Red Light Bar is sure to be buzzing with activity.

  • Coffeeshop Siberie

    Coffeeshop Siberie is a great little coffee shop located in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. The coffee shop offers its customers a cannabis menu including grams of indoor grown and outdoor grown weed, pre-rolled joints and hash. Coffeeshop Siberie is always a fun stop when touring Amsterdam’s many attractions.

  • The Store Coffeeshop

    The Store Coffeeshop is uniquely designed and energetic Amsterdam coffeeshop. The Store is a popular hangout for both travelers touring the beautiful city and locals looking for a fun social scene. Good weed, coffee and interesting crowds of people are what make The Store Coffeeshop so memorable.

  • Wonder Bar Two

    The Wonder Bar Two is one of Amsterdam’s best places to smoke weed socially. Wonder Bar Two offers visitors a stylish and unique interior. It’s comfortable lounge is a perfect place to enjoy some good weed and drink a good cup of coffee. Morning and night this is a great Read more [...]

  • Wonder Bar One

    Wonder Bar One is one of Amsterdam’s premiere cannabis coffeeshops. Wonder Bar One Coffeeshop has a lively atmosphere, good cannabis items and drinks. Most people who visit the Wonder Bar One come back and for good reason. Its an exciting place to be and great place to smoke weed socially.

  • Wonder Lounge

    The Wonder Lounge is located in the City of Amsterdam. Wonder Lounge is one of three “Wonder” locations in Amsterdam including Wonder Bar One and Wonder Bar Two. Just like the other two Wonder Bars, the Wonder Lounge is a great place to relax and smoke some weed. Decorated in Read more [...]

  • Warda 1 Coffeeshop

    Warda 1 Coffeeshop is located in the city of Amsterdam. Warda 1 offers travelers a cannabis menu, drinks and internet styled café. The cannabis menu includes a selection of indicas, sativas and assorted pre-rolled joint choices.

  • Rick’s Coffeeshop

    Rick’s Coffeeshop (Located next to Rick’s Café) is a great place to visit when out on the town. Rick’s Coffeeshop offers a nice weed and hash menu. The Coffeeshop also has a better than average social scene with an energetic vibe.

  • The Saint Coffeeshop

    The Saint Coffeeshop is located in the amazing City of Amsterdam. The Saint Coffeeshop has a great marijuana menu, good coffee and a juice bar. Both the Cafe’s outdoor patio seating and indoor seating make for a great social environment. The indoor is a bit more classy than many of Read more [...]

  • Superskunk Coffeeshop

    Superskunk Coffeeshop is one of Amsterdam’s many weed and hash friendly coffeeshops. Superskunk is a popular café for both locals and travelers. The café usually make for a fun social atmosphere and is definitely a good choice to get some decent weed. This café is a great stop and open Read more [...]

  • Voyagers Coffeeshop

    Voyagers Coffeeshop and Hotel is a located in the famous City of Amsterdam. Voyagers has a very nice cannabis menu, coffee, treats and lodging. This Café always seems to be buzzing with travelers and is a great place to smoke weed socially while meeting new people. The staff is quite Read more [...]

  • The Old Church Coffeeshop

    The Old Church Coffeeshop is one of Amsterdam’s Best Places to Smoke Weed Socially. The Coffeeshop has a Beautiful Atmosphere Decorated with Stone on the Walls and Comfortable Café Styled Seating. This Helps Give the Café a Modern but Inviting Feel. A Good Cannabis Menu and Environment are what make Read more [...]

  • The Reggae Cafe

    The Reggae Cafe is located in Amsterdam’s famous Centrum. The Coffeeshop is decorated with a Reggae style and comfortable furniture. It offers visitor cannabis, coffee, TV and a cozy area to enjoy your time. The Reggae Cafe is a fun stop when touring the beautiful City of Amsterdam!

  • Stones Cafe

    Stones Cafe is located Amsterdam’s Red Light District. The Cafe was founded in 1994. Stones Cafe offers both a nice cannabis menu and wide selection of alcoholic beverages. A very “English Pub” style gives the cafe a familiar and comfortable feeling. The café is know for serving some very tasty Read more [...]

  • Reefer Coffeeshop

    Reefer Coffeeshop is located in Amsterdam’s famous Centrum. Alive with activity, Coffeeshop Reefer is a fun place to take some time with friends and enjoy a joint. The coffeeshop is a popular hangout in the Centrum for both tourists and locals alike. Coffeeshop Reefer is definitely a great addition to any Read more [...]

  • Picasso Coffeeshop

    Picasso Coffeeshop is located in Amsterdam’s lively Centrum. Picasso has been serving fine coffee and cannabis in the City since 1986. The Coffeeshop offers a good priced cannabis menu, multiple floors of seating to relax and an artistic styled atmosphere. Coffeeshop Picasso is always a fun stop when touring the Read more [...]

  • Resin Coffeeshop

    Resin Coffeeshop is a lively coffeeshops located in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. Resin offers it’s customers a quality cannabis menu, fun atmosphere and amazing socially scene. This coffeeshop is a great place to smoke weed and meet interesting people. Located near shopping, its always a fun stop when enjoying Read more [...]

  • Coffeeshop Mediterrane

    Coffeeshop Mediterrane is a cozy cannabis coffeeshop located in Amsterdam’s Centrum. The Lounge is decorated in an Mediterranean style. It’s themed atmosphere is both relaxing and inviting. Coffeeshop Mediterrane is definitely a fun place to relax with a nice cup of coffee and joint.

  • Coffeeshop Club Media

    Coffeeshop Club Media is located in the beautiful City of Amsterdam. Club Media is open everyday and offers it’s patrons a clean and comfortable environment to enjoy themselves. A good cannabis menu, TV, drinks, vapes and bongs are all available for those visiting Media.

  • De Supermarkt Coffeeshop

    De Supermarkt Coffeeshop has served Amsterdam good cannabis and coffee since 2000. De Supermarkt is a popular coffeeshop to catch up on news while enjoying a cup of coffee and joint. The Coffeeshop offer a nice cannabis menu, magazines, internet, newspapers, coffee and good conversation. This cannabis lounge is always a Read more [...]

  • Cheech & Chong’s 2

    Cheech and Chong’s 2 Coffeeshop in Amsterdam is a great weed Coffeeshop in a perfect location. This is a great coffeeshop to smoke a joint and catch the game. The Coffeeshop offers a nice cannabis menu, pool table, TVs and lively atmosphere. With a name like “Cheech and Chong’s 2” Read more [...]

  • Coffeeshop Blue Sea

    Coffeeshop Blue Sea is always a fun stop. The Coffeeshop offers visitors indoor café styled tables, cannabis menu and good view of the street. The Blue Sea is a nice choice to take in the City while relaxing with a joint or edible.

  • Feels Good Coffeeshop

    Feels Good Coffeeshop is a perfect name for this coffeeshop! A nice choice in cannabis, teats and drinks mixed with a very fun atmosphere is what the Feels Good is all about. This is a great place to visit when in the Old Centre.

  • Coffeeshop 137

    Coffeeshop 137 offers visitors a sleek and stylish atmosphere. This is a perfect coffeeshop to socialize, enjoy cannabis and some tasty treats! This is a great experience to add to any Amsterdam trip!

  • GOA Coffeeshop

    GOA Coffeeshop is a great cannabis coffeeshop located in the heart of Amsterdam. This stylish coffeeshop always seems be buzzing with activity. Its a wonderful place to enjoy some great cannabis items and immerse yourself in Amsterdam.

  • Relax

    Relax Coffeeshop is a classic Amsterdam Cannabis Coffeeshop offering everything from Espresso and Pastries to Hashish! Relax offers a very nice menu of cannabis items along with an inviting atmosphere. A popular location to visit for both travelers and locals alike, Relax is one of a kind!

  • 1e Hulp Coffeeshop

    1e Hulp Coffeeshop is not your standard Amsterdam Coffeeshop. 1e Hulp’s unique design is an influence of an Arabic and Oriental Infusion. The exotic cannabis lounge mixed with a beautiful menu have made 1e Hulp a popular destination for a night out.

  • Funky Munky Coffeeshop

    Funky Munky Coffeeshop is a small, mellow and cool Amsterdam Coffeeshop. A relaxing lounge full of couches, a pool table, weed menu and good vibes are what the Funky Munky is all about. The Funky Munky is always a good stop on any Amsterdam Trip!

  • Paradox Coffeeshop

    Paradox Coffeeshop is One of Amsterdam’s Best Weed Coffeeshops. The Coffeeshop is designed with a uniquely artistic environment which draws many locals and travelers. Paradox is also located in a beautiful neighborhood filled with small shops called Jordaan, which make the Coffeeshops location such a great stop when taking in Read more [...]

  • Black Star Coffeeshop

    Black Star Coffeeshop is an small but popular place to smoke weed socially. The Coffeeshop has been around since 1986 and has attracted locals and travelers alike ever since. The Black Star is always a fun stop for a drink and a joint!

  • De Kroon Coffeeshop

    De Kroon Coffeeshop is one of Amsterdam’s better experiences. The Coffeeshop itself is a bit more stylish than some other weed coffeeshops in the City and the menu is a bit better as well. De Kroon is a great place to relax after a day of sightseeing. Smoking a joint, Read more [...]

  • Grey Area Coffeeshop

    The Grey Area Coffeeshop is One of Amsterdam’s Best Coffeeshops! This place has everything a Cannabis Coffeeshop lover needs! The Grey Area is simply a cool place with cool people. It doesn’t get any better!

  • The High There Hopper

    The High There Hopper is a Mobile Cannabis Lounge! This is a “Bring Your Own Bud” Party Bus. Uses Must Download the App in Order to Find Where the Hopper (Mobile Lounge) is heading that day. This is an Awesome, Unique and Very Fun Service Providing Amazing Cannabis Experiences in Read more [...]

  • The Oaksterdam Cannabis Museum

    The Oaksterdam Cannabis Museum is located at 1734 Telegraph, Oakland CA 94612 Oaksterdam University itself has long been a leader in the educational side of the cannabis industry. This cannabis museum in an integrated part of the University open to the public. Come down and learn about this amazing plant Read more [...]

  • Denver Marijuana Tours

    Denver Marijuana Tours provides private marijuana excursions and also excursions that are enjoyed with the company of others. Our private tours can accommodate up to 6 passengers in each of our smoke friendly vehicles, We do not charge an additional fee for extra passengers. Total price for our private tours Read more [...]

  • 420 Airport Pickup

    How Does 420 airport pickup work? 420 airport transportation works by providing our guests 2 great services: 1) Transportation to and from the Denver International Airport 2) A stop at a retail marijuana shop in Denver Colorado – with 10% off all purchases After we pick you up at the Read more [...]

  • The Dab Lounge

    The Dab Lounge is located in Colorado Springs. The Lounge offers visitors some nice some smoking areas, comedy and yoga sessions on occasion. This is a very mellow and laid back environment. Perfect to take in some nice cannabis and enjoy some good vibes. *The Dab Lounge is a Pet Read more [...]

  • Katsu Coffeeshop & Gallery

    Katsu has long been a landmark in the Amsterdam coffeeshop scene. Since 1985 this classic and inviting cannabis coffee shop has been serving cannabis lovers some nice flower and tasty treats! The exterior of the building is painted in a bright collage of colors while the inside is more mellow Read more [...]

  • Amnesia

    Amnesia is your perfect stop on any Amsterdam Cannabis Trip. The Cannabis Coffeeshop is one of the finest all round in the city. Crowds of people, tasty menu items, cool atmosphere and a scenic location make this one you will remember in your Amsterdam experience. Amnesia is definitely 5 Stars!

  • 4906 Medical Dispensary

    4906 Medical Dispensary is Located on the World Famous Melrose Ave, in Hollywood, CA! This Cannabis Lounge is Perfectly Positioned for Travelers to Visit when Touring the Famous Attractions and Landmarks of the Los Angeles Area. Dab Rigs and More are Available at the Lounge. LARGE Selection of Strains, Edibles, Read more [...]

  • Colorado Cannabis Concierge

    Colorado Cannabis Concierge is a Full Turnkey Cannabis Travel Company. Servicing Denver, Aspen, Breckenridge, Colorado Springs and More! Tours are as short as just 2hr and up! This is a great way to experience Colorado’s Amazing Cannabis Scene and Natural Beauty!

  • Club History Vape Club

    Club History Vape Club is a Members Only Cannabis Lounge Located in Heart of Colorado! The Club Offers Members Gaming Boards, Dab Rigs, Snacks, Dance Floor, VIP Area and Much More! *Must be 21 years or older* Call For Details

  • Canna City Tours

    Canna City Tours is fun, safe and legal Oregon cannabis experience. Oregon is a “Pacific Wonderland” known for its natural scenic beauty, fantastic micro brews, award winning wines, tasty culinary creations and amazing cannabis. As of July 1st, 2015, adult “recreational” use of cannabis is legal in oregon! Now you Read more [...]

  • Mile High

    With our Mile High Lifestyle Event Space, we plan and execute small to large-scale events, corporate parties, private functions and social gatherings, the capability and experience to develop and manage your very special event. Our Executive team has 20+ years of event production experience in Colorado; we know the city, Read more [...]

  • Remedy BCN

    Remedy BCN Collective is a locally owned and operated legal marijuana collective. The second longest running dispensary in Barcelona, we have studied and listened to what our wide range of customers are looking for. With almost 100 different cannabis products and the highest quality weed in Catalunya, we thrive on Read more [...]

  • Blue Mountains Hostel

    Blue Mountains Hostel is a Ganga Vacation Tour. Blue Mountains Hostel Jamaica is a great place to stay and smoke while on a tour. It features a place to stay that is weed friendly and tour local Jamaica weed. Visit Facebook for address details and Booking

  • High 5 Tours

    High 5 Tours is a cannabis tour company that provides guests with a look at Portland’s growing cannabis industry. We offer unique, fun adventures created to highlight not only the dispensaries throughout Portland but also activities and companies that we feel represent the diversity that makes Portland one of the Read more [...]

  • 420 Surf Tours

    420 Surf Tours is a Santa Cruz based tour group that offers MMJ/Surfing Tours! They provide safe access to clinics/recommendations along your personalized surfing tour which rages from San Diego to Santa Cruz! 420 Surf Tours Combines the best of California in one package! Must be 18+ years old with Read more [...]

  • Space Lounge

    The Space Lounge offers medical marijuana patients a comfortable and safe location to medicate! They have a dab bar and lounge with nice dab rigs, a good concentrate menu, 2 Big Screen TV and friendly atmosphere. Definitely a fun place to meet new people and have fun. (The Clinic’s Entrance Read more [...]

  • Rascals Dab Lounge

    Rascals Dab Lounge is an great place to medicate safely in the Orange County area. It features smoking/vaping devices and a stylish atmosphere which is very inviting. This is definitely a must visit Lounge! $10 to use the medication Lounge

  • Betty Boop Coffeeshop

    Betty Boop CoffeeShop is One of Amsterdam’s Best. This is a one of a kind! It offers inside and outside lounging areas with great food and music flowing! Betty Boop is perfect for a great joint, people, tasty treats, coffee and music!

  • Durango Artisanal Tours

    Durango Artisanal Tours is a cannabis friendly tour company located in Durango Colorado. It is literally one of the “highest” highs you will experience as some of our tours start at 6,500 feet (2000 meters) and go to 11,000 feet (3300 meters!) Be prepared to laugh a lot and walk Read more [...]

  • High Times OG Smoking Lounge

    High Times OG Smoking Lounge is the First and Only Smoking Lounge in North County San Diego! Medical Marijuana Patients can join the private club by calling 760-521-1506 Try your medicine before you buy it so you know what you are getting. No more hassle with inexperienced “bud tenders”. Spend Read more [...]

  • Blunt Bros

    Located Downstairs at the New Amsterdam Cafe, the Blunt Bros. Vapor Lounge and Dab Bar is Vancouver’s newest and hottest smoke-friendly lounge. The lounge is beautiful and always a great environment.

  • Studio A64

    Studio A64 is the Rocky Mountain CanCan Revolution. We offer weekly Casino Nights, Jazz Lounge Nights, Open Mic and Karaoke Nights, International Dance Nights, Special Events, and Private Bookings. Open to anyone over 21 (that is nice.) We offer smoking accessories, vaporizers, hand blown pipes, club wear, gifts, posters, t-shirts, post Read more [...]

  • Alaska Cannabis Club

    Alaska Cannabis Club is the First and Foremost Cannabis Clubs to smoke socially in. This is private organization and you must be a member to enter. Membership info is on the website as there are different options. Different vapes and glassware on site as well as a nice spacious lounge Read more [...]

  • Cannabis Club BCN

    Cannabis Club BCN is a Private Club and probably the best in Spain. They are a non commercial club and completely private for users in the community to socialize and share their interests. IMPORTANT!!! There are NO Coffee Shops in Spain! All Clubs are Private noncommercial organizations of users who Read more [...]

  • Hamilton Vape

    Welcome to Hamilton Vape’s page! Selling Herbal Vaporizers and 19+ Upscale Cannabis Lounge Medical & 420 Friendly! Rentals Volcanos, Sublimators, Bongs! You’re invited to Ontario’s newest 19+ upscale cannabis lounge in the great city of Hamilton- Hamilton Vape! Located on Main Street East, between Garside Avenue and Cameron Avenue, we Read more [...]

  • Weed Escapes

    Come visit Vancouver, WA and Treat Yourself to a Legal Cannabis Vacation. Whether You’re Looking for Adventure or Relaxation, Weed Escapes has the 420 Tour Package for You! Weed Escapes Offers: 420 Salmon/Steelhead Fishing Packages 420 Fly Fishing Packages 420 All-Inclusive Packages 420 Spa and Relaxation Packages 420 Whitewater Rafting Read more [...]

  • Colorado Green Tours

    Colorado Green Tours Signature Service is offering a Personal Tour Guide (PTG) to Colorado visitors that are interested in seeing the sights and learning about Colorado’s Cannabis Culture. Our PTG’s will be happy to meet you wherever you are, and we’d love to pick you up at the airport on Read more [...]

  • Get Elevated Cannabis Tour

    Get Elevated is a cannabis oriented travel company located in Colorado. Colorado has always been a unique and beautiful place to visit. With our excellent skiing, magnificent parks, culturally interesting cities, top notch museums, contemporary galleries, elegant fine dining, and excellent shopping, we have been a destination for the outdoor Read more [...]

  • 420 Bus Tours

    420 Bus Tours is a Great Way to Experience Colorado and Some Great Weed at the Same Time! 420 Bus Tour offers our clients a one of a kind marijuana experience in Colorado. In our 420 party bus we will take you to all of Colorado’s best dispensaries, head shops Read more [...]

  • Puff Pass and Paint

    Puff Pass and Paint is Denver’s first 4:20-friendly, all-inclusive art class. Think “canvas and cocktails”, but with a cannabis twist. Join Denver-based painter Heidi Keyes for an intimate 2-hour smoking session in her home studio, while you follow along with her step-by-step instructions to create your own mind-altered masterpiece (or Read more [...]

  • Club 64 Cannabis Tour

    Book your Colorado Cannabis Tour with Club 64 Cannabis Tour Today! Private Denver Cannabis Tour $139 per person ◾420 friendly Pick up/Drop off at your downtown Denver hotel or Denver International Airport ◾Visit a Recreational Dispensary ◾Visit Club 64 IP Lounge ◾Tour a Commercial grow with viewing rooms ◾Gift bag Read more [...]

  • ReLeaf Herbal Center

    ReLeaf Herbal Center Features a Weed Only Smoking Lounge. This is an Awesome Spot to Socialize and Smoke Weed! ReLeaf provides professional and patient care services for their members. The Staff is very knowledgeable and the lounge is very relaxing for the perfect bake day. A must visit place! Note: Read more [...]

  • Central Remedies

    Central Remedies is a Medical Marijuana Clinic Located in Los Angeles, CA. Central Remedies offers it’s patients a social smoking environment on site from 10PM-12AM and its a pretty relaxing place to kick back and medicate socially! This Clinic Has An AWESOME Selection of Cannabis! Come on down and Visit!

  • OMMP Farmer’s Market

    OMMP Farmer’s Market is a non-profit group of growers, patients and caregivers. They have lots of knowledge about the industry and medical benefits of marijuana. This is a private group but you can join by having a ID and Medical license. With Oregon legalization this will soon change so Visit Read more [...]

  • The Northwest Cannabis Market

    The Northwest Cannabis Market is a great place to go and visit with the locals. Bands play and events with lots of lounge area couches to hang out on. There are 2 locations so visit the website for details. This is a clean and safe environment to smoke socially at.

  • My 420 Tour

    My 420 Tour is one of Denver Colorado’s Best Cannabis Vacation Tour Agencies. With (1)one day tours happening every month, all inclusive (3)three day sampler tours occurring monthly, cannabis cooking classes, marijuana dispensary tours, marijuana limo services, and everything you want in a hotel room with dabs and vaporizers provided Read more [...]

  • SPIRO Cannabis Tours

    SPIRO Cannabis Tours in Colorado. SPIRO is a marijuana tourism agency operating cannabis cultivation tours, head shop and marijuana dispensary tours, and THC cooking classes all within Colorado State. SPIRO marijuana tourism agency specializes in high end luxurious marijuana tours, Call and arrange your Colorado cannabis holiday today! Spiro Tours Read more [...]

  • Best Friends Coffeeshop

    BEST FRIENDS 22 years ago two Best Friends decided to open a safe haven for smokers in the east part of Amsterdam. On the Molukkenstraat they started coffeeshop Best Friends. Everyone from the neighbourhood came over and bought that good gear. Everyday was fun and soon the good word spread. Read more [...]

  • Happy Feelings

    The Happy Feelings Coffeeshop is a great little place to stop and smoke some outstanding weed with some of Amsterdam’s locals. This is a smaller establishment and somewhat cleaner than some of Amsterdam’s other small coffeeshop. A fun time and intesting place to emerse yourself in the beautiful culture of Read more [...]

  • Cafe Cremers

    Established in 1990 – The Cafe Cremers is a nice little corner coffeeshop offering visitors some nice cannabis items along with a relaxed social atmosphere. This is a great stop for anyone in the area. Local bands and events.

  • Coffeeshop Johnny

    Coffeeshop Johnny is a classic Amsterdam Coffeeshop with good marijuana on hand. This venue is open to all patrons 18 years and older. Situated right in the historic & beautiful heart of the Jordaan in Amsterdam. Just seconds from Prinsengracht and 5 minutes from Leidseplein 10 minutes from Central Station Read more [...]

  • Freeworld Coffeeshop

    The Freeworld Coffeeshop is a great location to pick up a joint of good quality weed, sit back, relax and take in Amsterdam. This is an awesome place to get together with other cannabis smokers and socialize. The Freeworld Coffeeshop is always a fun destination.

  • Prix d’ami Coffeeshop Amsterdam

    Prix D’ami is an excellent Amsterdam Coffeeshop. One of the larger venues in the area, it offers patrons a great menu of cannabis and enjoyable social environment. This is a awesome place to smoke weed and get together with friend! Really nice environment here and very chill!

  • La Tertulia

    This is a tranquil coffeeshop and great place to smoke marijuana! Set in a “forest” or “Green” like atmosphere, this café is truly a relaxing experience. Plus you can smoke on the front patio and people watch. La Tertulia has been at 312 Prinsengracht in the Amsterdam Jordaan since 1983! Read more [...]

  • Coffeeshop Balou

    Coffeeshop Balou is a small Amsterdam coffeeshop is a fun place to kick back and relax. Smoking weed and socializing in a mellow environment is what Balou is all about. Good coffee and treats are always available too!

  • The Bulldog Energy

    The Bulldog Energy is a great café in the City of Amsterdam to smoke cannabis and socialize. This café is a tourist attraction and often has a good crowd. Unlike some of Amsterdam’s smaller cafés this location seems to be a travelers destination. The café features a mushroom styled interior Read more [...]

  • The Doors Cafe

    The Doors Cafe is a awesome place to smoke weed, listen to music and socialize. This coffee shop is themed around the band The Doors and offers a classic Amsterdam coffee shop experience. The Doors coffee shop is fun destination to add to your Amsterdam coffee shop travel list.

  • Bluebird Coffeeshop

    The Bluebird Coffeeshop is a great weed smokers destination. A dreamland like interior make for an entertaining setting when smoking cannabis and having fun with others. Definitely a great place to smoke weed and socialize!

  • Kashmir Coffeeshop

    The Kashmir Coffeeshop is a fun place to smoke weed and meet people. This café has a very unique “Indian” style to it. The Kashmir Lounge Coffeeshop is definitely a fun destination to check out when in Amsterdam. This is also a place to drink alcohol as well.

  • Cafe Hill Street Blues

    Cafe Hill Street Blues is a small but great spot to smoke weed and socialize. Located in the heart of Amsterdam, this is a great destination to include if your “coffee shop hopping “. Café Hill Street Blues is a true Amsterdam café experience with a very unique style.

  • Popeye Coffeeshop

    Popeye Coffeeshop is a Classic Amsterdam Weed Smokers Delight. Small, Cozy and Relaxing, Popeye’s Café is always a Good Stop. They have a nice selection of Cannabis Items and a Very Relaxing Environment. Instead of spinach you can get popeyed off good buds.

  • The Bulldog Palace

    The Bulldog Palace is a Classic Amsterdam Bar and Café. Smoke weed and socialize. This place goes off and it a must visit while in Amsterdam and drinks are available. Entry is +18yrs of age Every Monday & Tuesday professional Karaoke House DJ’s Various V.I.P. areas available Free Wifi Hot Read more [...]

  • Hot Box cafe

    Hot Box Cafe has been serving potheads since, AH … I forget Toronto’s first and finest Pot Cafe. BYOPot, vaporizers and a sweet patio. 18+ Www.hotboxcafe.ca The Hot Box cafe, Toronto’s first pot positive cafe. Is a place where stoners can come and relax with a bit of wacky tobbaccy, Read more [...]

  • The 420 Cafe

    The 420 Cafe is an awesome and classic Amsterdam coffee shop experience. Located in the heart of the city, the 420 Café offers patron an amazing environment to get high and eat lots of goodies the Café is known for! This is a top location for Weed Smokers!

  • Bloom Room San Francisco

    Bloom Room Smoking Lounge is a great place to Medicate and Socialize! Welcome to Bloom Room! Bloom Room is dedicated to providing premium, medical-grade cannabis to its members. Bloom room is educational and a great patient community. The environment is extremely comfortable, clean and amazing inside. Security is on site for outside Read more [...]

  • Club 710

    Club 710 is in Colorado Springs a top Social Marijuana Club Members Only (Walk-Ins Welcome) Free Bud Bar (Including Vaporizer Bar with Dabs!) No Red Card Required Must be 21+ Price Range $10-30 Serving Lunch, Dinner, Coffee, Drinks and Fun. We take Reservations and are Great For Groups! Local smaller Read more [...]

  • THC House

    *NOTE* The THC House is NOT a dispensary, bring your own medicine when you come to the lounge! We are an Los Angeles, CA patients-only vaporizing lounge and Medical Marijuana Information Center Vaporizer Lounge Free Coffee Free Wi-Fi Free Movie Screenings in our 23 seat movie theater Snack Shop Art Read more [...]

  • Camp Hotbox

    Camp Hotbox is the Ultimate Summer Ganja Getaway for You and Your Buds. Campfires, Swimming, Canoeing, Crafts, Fishing, Getting Totally Totally HIGH… You’ll do all this and more with only the best buds at our luxurious, private, lakeside cottage located in beautiful Muskoka. And best of all, once you make Read more [...]

  • Hotbox Jamaica

    Hotbox Jamaica Naturally offers you the best Jamaican Ganja Experience around. Private suites, dorms and Rasta Cuisine. Visit Panoramic ocean views surrounding trails to our very own ganja river. Ganja River, is located on the HotBox property and is an incredible location to chill in the shade with a picnic Read more [...]

  • Coffeeshop Genesis

    Coffeeshop Genesis is a Nice Little Holland Coffee offering some tasty cannabis items. Sit back relax and enjoy south Holland in Style. Cannabis, Coffee and Tasty Treats. Exactly what you would expect from a coffee shop in Holland.

  • Barney’s

    Barney’s Coffeeshop is world famous and very nice inside. They have Dj’s often and events on different days of the week. This is a must visit lounge while in Amsterdam. Dj’s events make for a great night out.

  • Igzactly 420

    Igzactly 420 is a San Francisco California based non-profit Medical Cannabis Dispensary and vapor lounge located in the downtown financial district. We are serving patients with a wide selection of quality medicine at the lowest possible donations. We pride ourselves on value, quality and consistency.

  • Green House Pijp

    Green House Pijp is the spot to hit while in Amsterdam. The different green house clubs are home to some big name starts like Snoop Dog and Rihanna. This is a great place to smoke and eat when in Amsterdam. One of multiple Greenhouse Coffee and Smoking Lounge Locations in Read more [...]

  • Green House Namaste

    This is one of the Green House Coffee Shop Locations in Amsterdam, Holland. Green House Namaste Smoking Lounge offers world class quality and a robust selections of cannabis products. Set in a Classic Amsterdam Café Atmosphere, this is an extremely enjoyable destination.

  • Green House Centrum

    Green House Centrum is a top Coffeeshop with some of the most unique strains around. This location offers the famous Amsterdam smoking environment with all the baked goodies and drinks. Unique Items and a great selection of Cannabis. A must try.

  • Coffeeshop Basjoe

    Coffeeshop Basjoe is a hotspot in Amsterdam and must see while on your trip. Relaxing area and top quality buds this spot to chill. There is even an out door patio to enjoy the night in Amsterdam


    SPARC is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary with Regular Cannabis Related Events – Including Jazz Nights Once a Month and Much More. This place is more of a healing center and even offer acupuncture and ancient medicine treatments. They host dj events and create one of the best atmospheres for clubs Read more [...]

  • The Vapor Room Cooperative

    The Vapor Room Cooperative of San Francisco is well known and really high class nice place to medicate. There is a social smoking room where you can medicate among friends. Vaporizers on hand here and membership is required. Inquire on their website to get a membership.

  • Chapeau Rouge

    The Chapeau Rouge is a party club in Prague where you can get drinks and light up. Although weed is easy to come by it is not sold by the Chapeau. However you can light up anywhere in the club. Note that weed is not legal in Prague but very Read more [...]

  • BCMP Vapor Lounge

    The famous BCMP Vapor Lounge is a relaxed social place to learn about and vape in a safe area. Located above the cannabis headquarters. There is a Volcano vape at each table with comfortable chairs around it. This place is WiFi ready and available with cool views as well. BYOB Read more [...]

  • Vancouver Seed Bank & Smoke Lounge

    This is actually a massive seed bank where you can get all types of strains. Along with selling seeds, the Vancouver Seed Bank also boasts a beautiful outdoor Garden Lounge, an indoor Vapour Lounge, plus a gamers room and Internet cafe. There’s even a Bed & Breakfast suite as well.

  • Abraxas

    Abraxas is a Cool smoke in Coffee shop that has been around for over 20 years. The place was named after a children’s story book and the atmosphere brings that out. They also have a great selection to choose from. Highly recommended place to check out. Good place because of Read more [...]

  • The Grasshopper

    The Grasshopper is a Great place to smoke while in Amsterdam however don’t expect to buy. This is actually an elegant hotel bar that has a cool atmosphere. Their marijuana license was taken about for being to close to certain landmarks. It is still believed that you can light up if you BYOBud. Read more [...]

  • Coffeeshop Smokey

    Coffeeshop Smokey is a shop and juice bar, great way to start your day and blaze a good one. This place is located in the Rembrandtsquare – or Rembrandtplein in Dutch. It is a friendly place and atmosphere and you can just chill here. They have a great selection of Read more [...]

  • The Rookies

    The Rookies was founded in 1992 Amsterdam by the youngest Cafe-Coffeeshop owners that time, that’s one off the reasons why we called it The Rookies. The Rookies is a great place for international people to hang out and meet The Rookies was known as a bar but had to choose Read more [...]

  • Susies Saloon

    Susies Saloon is a small canal side bar that is 420 smoker friendly. This is a popular sports bar to catch a rugby game and unwind. It has received some good ratings on google and worth stopping by. At 10:00am they start serving some great beans and eggs!

  • Hunter’s Bar

    Hunter’s Bar is a rare type of coffee shop that serves alcohol which makes is a bar I guess. Either way this place is cool because you can go in and buy and try while you drink. Since 1985 Hunter’s has been set up on Amsterdam’s historic Warmoesstraat and provided Read more [...]

  • The Winston Club

    The Winston Club is a great place to drink and light up here in Amsterdam. This place is social and even has its own hostel. This is a BYOBud type of place like most of the bars that allow smoking are here. The Winston Kingdom is open 7 nights a Read more [...]

  • Colorado Highlife Tours

    Stay “elevated” with Colorado Highlife Tours. We are the best value in personal guided marijuana tours, with luxury transportation, private cannabis clubs, strain sampling and VIP service for you. We have hosted hundreds of satisfied clients from all around the world . Our tours are fun, quick, informative & discreet. Read more [...]

  • Mile High Limo Tours

    Mile High Limo Tours is a very professional tour company! basically a pot bus that takes you around to huge grow rooms, dispensaries, shops, clubs and teaches you about all the laws. Their vision is to revolutionize marijuana tourism and create the best customer experience They even have a high Read more [...]

  • iBake Denver

    iBake Denver is a Head shop bud club hybrid that allows smoking on site. Cool atmosphere and great idea that should catch on. iBAKE Denver opened in February, 2013, and since then it’s taken Colorado and the rest of the cannabis industry around the USA by storm. iBAKE Denver is Read more [...]

  • Club Verde Barcelona

    Club Verde also known as el club Verde, great night spot for all your 420 needs. Leather couches and a local hang out, this place is a favorite with locals *All Clubs in Barcelona are Private and membership is required to get in*

  • Senzi Barcelona

    If your in Barcelona Senzi Barcelona is the club! Super posh design and frequent club djs and events. One of the top five star bud clubs in Barcelona. Great for night life and smoking and weekdays can be pretty mellow. *All Clubs in Barcelona are private and membership is needed Read more [...]

  • Batavia

    Batavia is a Good place to get a beer and blaze a bowl in Amsterdam. If your in the area be sure to stop by! Not open for breakfast but a good place for dinner. They do not sell here but if your in the mood for a drink and Read more [...]