With most states still not legalized or even allowing medical mariajuna within the United States why not do a marijauna trip to Colorado. The state has been recreational for some time and you are free to buy and smoke within the state legally.

Amsterdam thrives off the fact that you can basally go to this wonderland where all of a sudden your free to buy and smoke weed. So you have to imagine that Colorado is reaping the same type of status in the states for Marijuana tourism. If you have been smoking marijuana in a state with harsh restrictions, take a quick plane flight away and your suddenly not looked down on. Colorado has quickly realized this and many tourism options are available. You can work with marijuana tour agencies that will book your plane, hotel and route for your trip. Or you can do day tour of farm operations, dispensaries and even cannabis smoking lounges. Colorado is also making a great deal of profit on this as they should. Other states are starting to follow suit and the United States is starting to become a focus around the world on legalization.

With the influx of tourism Cannabis Lounges are becoming quite the topic. It is still a grey area but people are starting to realize the need for these lounges. A place for tourists and locals to join in a social environment together safely. Colorado really has been quite good about this with lounges popping up even before they legally decided it. Club Ned found on BudPubs was actually the first one that legally asked for permits before they opened. And they were given the permits so this is a great step in the right direction. We keep wondering when big money will come in a build Amsterdam style lounges in Colorado. More confirmation of legality is needed before this will happen and big lounges are found.