Dating online is not the taboo it once was, in fact many find love and marriage though apps or websites now a days. With the growing popularity of dating online its no surprise that Marijauna dating sites are starting to pop up. For some people marijuana use could be a deal breaker and you shouldn’t have to announce it right away. And that is where sites like or come in. You can still medicate and rest assured your future online match is okay with it and even might join you.

The exciting news is there is even an app which is similar to Tinder called “High There”. It works the same way but is aimed at matching you up with your perfect ganja girl or boy. While still only legal in certain medical or recreational states it is available for download. The app lets you swipe left or right, other known as High There or Bye There depending on your preference. There is also a sense of cannabis community on the app and maybe future meet and greets could be held and Cannabis Lounges. The questions on the app are not as long and deep into your personal life. Questions like do you prefer vaping or smoking to show you better matches. It really is a fun app and if you are a Cannabis smoker you will like the users on here.

High There can be found on google play or apple store, it is free to download. Once there is more access to cannabis lounges I am sure they will do some meet and greets in the lounge. A good way to spend a Friday night for cannabis singles.