Cannabis-infused edibles have been popular for hundreds of years. Queen Victoria of England was known for eating hash candies to ease menstrual cramps. The edibles game has come a long way since then and now consists of much more than basic brownies. Lollipops, milkshakes, truffles, pasta sauce, chili, and gummy worms are just some of the THC-laced items available on the market today. But what if you’re trying to DIY that budder? Read on for some next-level tips on creating amazing edibles – even vegans will be happy!

Choose Your Base Product Carefully

Making cannabutter can be a bit of trial and error, especially for first-time bakers. There are a few things to take into consideration before the butter-making process begins. The first is what type of weed or weed by-product you’re using. For chronic bud, ¼ ounce should do the trick. If you’re cooking with trimmings, stems, or vaporized flowers, use about an ounce. All ingredients should be ground into a powder – coffee grinders work great for this (just make sure they’re clean first!) Remember that the potency of the budder will depend upon how much THC goes in at the beginning. Consider your own personal tolerance when baking and then consuming these goods.

Cook Your Cannabutter Slow and Low

The trick to getting delicious – and powerful – cannabutter is to cook it on a very low heat for a very long time. Mix the ground up marijuana with four sticks of butter or two cups of refined coconut oil (for the vegans in the room.) Stir gently and often in order to allow the THC to blend properly. One hour is a pretty good amount of time, although if you’re using a slow-cooker, you can easily go longer. Do not allow the budder to boil – you want to keep the mixture warm but not overly hot.

Strain the Budder with Cheesecloth

In order to remove plant material from the final product, it’s imperative that you don’t cut corners when straining. Use a clean metal sieve or reusable coffee filter with a piece of cheesecloth folded over it. Pour the melted budder (or coconut oil) through the cloth and sieve into a heat-safe container, being careful not to let any hot liquid splash out. Squeeze any excess liquid out of the cheesecloth in order to save every last bit. Use immediately or store in the refrigerator in an airtight container. Use the budder according to any recipes you may want to use. Eat a small amount to start with in order to test the waters or you may end up overdoing it.