Moonrocks have been taking off lately as some of the strongest cannabis on the marketplace. Although this can be bought at your local dispensary you can also make this at home with the right supplies. Basically all you need is your favorite strain, hash oil and kief. But be aware this can carry a very high THC rating.


Kief – Basically the pollen found at the bottom of your grinder after you use it often. This is sometimes given as a free gift from a dispensary and this would be a good use for it if you have it sitting around.

Hash Oil – This is produced by solvent extraction, there are many tutorials online about this. If your lucky enough to live in a legal or medical state most of the places you go to will have this.

Nugs – Pick some nice nugs from your favorite strain, its best if you use something somewhat dense so it doesn’t become to mushy. If your looking for something less strong and more body bake you can even use a CBD strain like ACDC or Charlottes Web.

How exactly to create Moonrocks

1. Start by picking a mid sized nug from your stash.

2. Using a dropper and a small brush cover the nug in hash oil, let it soak in best as possible but do not over do it. Your don’t want it to be dripping or your keif will not bond well.

3. Take some tweezers and drop in kief, make sure your kief is broken up and powdery. Role the bud around till the kief is fully covering the nug.

4. Set your moonrock aside and let it dry for quite some time.

5. Once set you can break off a  piece of your moonrock and enjoy.

Once you try it you will probably see what the hype is about as these can be pretty strong. You should be pretty familiar with smoking high THC products before trying this. If your using a CBD nug you can expect a nice mix for many benefits.