Proposition 64 legalizes marijuana under state law, for use by adults who are 21 years or older. The proposition imposes taxes on the cultivation and the sale of marijuana. This proposition also provides for industry licensing and set standards for marijuana products. The revenue collected as taxes will be used in drug research, drug treatment, and enforcement of policies.Prop

What Would Be Legal?

The following are the things that would be legal once the proposition is enforced:

Adults who are above 21 years of age can walk around freely in public with up to 28.5 grams of cannabis. This means that no police officer or law enforcement officer can arrest you if you carried a sandwich baggy full of cannabis. It also permits adults 21 years and above to walk freely with up to a maximum of 8 grams of concentrated cannabis.

This proposition also allows adults to gift an ounce of marijuana to another adult who is 21 years or older. You can give an ounce of marijuana to another person who is 21 years or older without the fear of being arrested or prosecuted.

Proposition 64 also permits individuals who are 21 years and above to grow up to six marijuana plants inside their homes or private property. However, the area must be locked and not visible from a public area. If you do not own the property or building, you will be required to get permission to grow cannabis.

Cannabis pipes as well as other accessories are also legal. Patients with a medical doctor’s note or approval and state identification card can also avoid paying cannabis sales taxes.

The cultivation and processing of industrial cannabis is 100 percent legal in the state starting January 1st 2017. On top of that, marijuana lounges could be legalized for adults above the age of 21 only if a locality allows them.

What could be illegal?

According to this petition, you are not allowed to eat cannabis edibles or smoke marijuana in public or areas where smoking of tobacco is banned. You can only smoke in designated areas.

Smoking of cannabis is not allowed within 1,000 feet of day care centers, schools or any other place where kids play or gather.

It is illegal to make butane hash without a valid permit.

You are not allowed to use or ingest marijuana while driving or boating.

You can be fired for failing a drug test or going to work under the influence of cannabis.

No passengers are allowed to use or ingest marijuana while in a moving boat or vehicle.

What would be the punishments?

Youngsters under the age of 18 years caught with a smaller amount of cannabis particularly less than ounce will be let free but he or she will be required to undergo a mandatory drug education and counseling as well as pay $100 as fine.

Adults found with marijuana at a school or where kids gather will get a $250 fine for first offense. Those found with more than an ounce will get a $500 fine as well as be detained for six months.