Medical marijuana is taking the states by storm and for great reason, people know there is benefits to marijuana. All major networks have covered the benefits of this plant from children to adults with many different conditions. Maybe you have tried marijuana and didn’t feel it was a match or really like the feeling you had from it. Well, have you ever tried a CBD rich strain with minimal THC?

Traditionally most marijuana has THC and people look for high doses of this for the quality of the bud they buy. This is the stoned effect, which some people like and others have an uncomfortable experience from it. Well one of the reasons medical passed in the United States was because of the special strains of cannabis that contain high CBD but low THC. Strains like Charlottes Web coming out of Colorado were focused down to an oil, they were found to reduced seizures in Children when traditional medicine could not. Charlottes web is unique as it contains very minimal THC. In fact, you could roll many joints of this strain and not find get a stoned feeling like traditional marijuana. It is this reason you may find CBD marijuana a benefit to you while other strains are not. With no THC high, CBD could reduce anxiety, promote an appetite, reduce pain without pills and many other benefits. The best part is you will not get high in the traditional sense but basically gain relief in other ways. Now, you will have to do some shopping and some of the best strains are Charlottes web, ACDC and Cannatonic. While there might be variations in these or other strains out there check the ratio and test before smoking too much.

With research blocked in the Untied States much has been lost by pharmaceutical companies with respects to Cannabinol or CBD. Even CNN has done reports on the benefits of this compound and even some cancer companies out of states produce the compound. Eventually more is to come, yet if you live in a medical state and feel like this can benefit your ailments. Check your local clinics as they might have a CBD strain that works for you