Club64 The fist marijuana club opened its doors in Colorado in 2013 allowing users 21 and over to bring their own bud and smoke socially. Although this common in Amsterdam and some in Canada this is really a first in America. Will this be a trend and the future of the industry in America?

Although some marijuana activists that pushed for legalization they are divided on this approach.The club owner points out how the voters of Colorado want cannabis to be legalized and adults should be able to come together and exercise their rights. And really, during alcohol Prohibition bars were shut down and social drinking was basically illegal. Can you imagine at this point if beer was only legal to use in your own house and not socially acceptable in bars. Marijuana users should be able to enjoy a social atmosphere where adults can congregate and smoke responsibly.

Club 64 is a members only club and charges $29 dollars for a membership fee. They also have a strict age limit of 21 and over and of course this not a place to buy or ask to buy anything. Clubs like these are the future for responsible adults who would like to take a Friday or Saturday night and smoke weed socially.