The number of Americans who regularly use marijuana has continued to rise over the last decade, thanks in part to the legalization of recreational cannabis in a number of states. The growing pot industry has attracted clientele of all ages, races, and demographics who may have been curious about weed but have been out of the loop for some time – or were never in it to begin with. Not everyone is brave enough to venture out to the dispensaries, so how exactly do they educate themselves or try out powerful next-generation strains like Pineapple Express?

Going off the proven success of direct sales companies like Tupperware, Mary Kay, and Norwex, perceptive entrepreneurs discovered a market for in-home parties all about cannabis. Friends and families gather to learn about vaporizers, suggested edible dosages, and everything in between from a friendly and knowledgeable representative who can also make recommendations for a wide range of products. This relaxed and private setting makes learning about the new world of cannabis easy – and lucrative.

One such company to emerge is Healthy Headie, founded by Holly Alberti in 2014. The Massachusetts-based social sales endeavour has representatives in five states and are hoping to expand now that four more states have legalized recreational cannabis. The company allows people to shop for marijuana products discreetly and safely, and educate themselves on what’s new in the industry.

“I feel that everyone should have safe and equal access [to cannabis and cannabis products],” Alberti recently said in an interview with Civilized. “We’re just trying to put more information into the hands of individuals.”

Healthy Headie offers both one-on-consultations and group parties to folks interested in all things weed. The one-on-ones are popular with high-profile customers who may not be ready to come out of the canna-closet. Alberti finds that the demographic skews mostly towards middle-aged women.

“We [mostly] see a high range of females from 35 years old to early 60s, along with a lot of seniors and baby boomers,” she said. Many of these consumers may have tried pot when they were young and only once they reached retirement decided it may be okay to imbibe again. Alberti noted that older guests are often brought to Healthy Headie parties by their young adult children.

“It’s really beautiful,” she added.

Other marijuana and hemp direct-sales companies have sprouted up within the last few years, including Green Lyfe, Kannaway, and Laguna Blends. All of these brands focus on social selling and a strong team of reps introducing products to curious family members and friends. As cannabis legalization continues to gain bipartisan support across the country, it may soon be that you see a catalog for bongs, grinders, and CBD oil right next to the Avon and Amway displays.