There are now eight states that have legalized recreational marijuana, exciting pot smokers across the country. Thousands of people have flocked to these states in order to cash in on the so-called Green Rush. Not everyone is ready to uproot their lives and move however. Thus, pot tourism has been booming as the chance to purchase weed in a legitimate store has proved to be quite exciting, something many people never thought they’d live to see.

The hospitality sector of the cannabis industry has already shown to be profitable. Several businesses have popped up offering 420 tours, bud and breakfast stays, and even gourmet meals. It’s attracting tourists by the dozens who want to try out the newest trends and buy  cannabis in an open and warm environment. It’s important to note that public consumption of cannabis is still illegal in most places, although social ordinances to allow certain establishments to offer on-site smoking have been approved in a handful of cities.

“Edibles are the more popular option, because of the novelty, and because people on the street don’t have to know that’s a weed cookie you’re eating,” said Jeremy Bamford of the Colorado Pot Guide in a recent interview with Travel and Leisure. Bamford founded the website in 2013 as a one-stop-shop for legalized cannabis, offering state-by-state law information, strain reviews, dispensary listings, and of course, travel. He notes that official state tourism boards are reluctant to cash in on the Green Rush, which is where the pot guide comes in.

Mainstream hotels are still not green-friendly, so travelers are opting for other accommodations such as AirBnB and HomeAway that exist in the sharing economy. There is one hotel in downtown Denver that is profiting from pot tourism; the Adagio “Bud and Breakfast” is a 122-year-old Victorian house that is a stoner’s dream. The B&B offers cannabis-infused massages, a 420 happy hour, and of course, lots of delicious edible treats.

It remains to be seen what will come next for cannabis tourism, but the industry is likely to continue bringing in big money. Young chefs and hospitality professionals are beginning to focus on the emerging pot business in order to cash in while the getting is still good. This is all good news for marijuana enthusiasts who can have a relaxing getaway with their good friend herb without the worry of the man ruining all of the fun.