The Best Cannabis Clubs Worldwide: An Insider’s Guide

The Raw Reality Facing Cannabis Clubs In The U.S.

Looking for a superb cannabis club in the U.S. to light up and get high with your friends? Fret not, young Potawan, there are some really superb cannabis clubs are out there, but certain clubs could very well end up on the “endangered species” list as far as really kick-ass cannabis clubs go.

If you live in the U.S. outside of a recreational state, the only real places where that can happen is in the privacy of your home or someone else’s home, but even in recreational states, the ability to consume legally purchased marijuana products outside of the home is confronting some serious challenges.

Let’s take Colorado, for example, which happens to be a pretty important state for recreational users given that it was one of two states to legalize marijuana (Washington was the other state) back in 2012.

Not too long ago, the Colorado Springs City Council voted to ban cannabis clubs within city limits under the following conditions:

  1. No new cannabis clubs are allowed to be opened, but existing establishments don’t have to shut down right away.
  2. However, existing clubs do have to be phased out and completely shut down in 8 years.

Keep in mind these policies are changing all the time!

So What’s The Reasoning Behind The Ban?

Cannabis Club Owners Dealing On The Side

Proponents of the bill, which include council members Don Knight, Keith King, and Police Chief Pete Carey, argue that cannabis club owners flaunted a city ordinance that prohibited selling marijuana by accepting donations and membership dues in exchange for cannabis gifts.

In addition, there were also claims that cannabis clubs in certain neighborhoods led to a higher uptick in violence and lawlessness as well as higher incidents of illegal sales and out-of-state distribution of marijuana.

Colorado Springs Does Not Want To Go “Green”

However, when you really get to the root of the problem, it’s perfectly obvious that the ban doesn’t have as much to do with restricting or reinforcing current laws on the sale, use, or distribution of cannabis as much as it does with the city of Colorado Springs trying to prevent cannabis from smearing its good name.

The problem is that, because it’s been illegal for so long in the U.S., cannabis still carries a strong association to criminals, gangs, drug traffickers, drug abusers, and anyone who’s ever been tainted by the stigma of drug abuse, and no self-respecting city wants to carry that reputation on its shoulders.

So Where on Earth May I Enjoy My Cannabis Goodies, Sir?

Of course, this puts honest law-abiding citizens who simply want to enjoy the cannabis that they legally purchased under Amendment 64 between a rock and a hard place.

If they can’t smoke at their place of residence because their landlord doesn’t allow it and they can’t light up or consume in public because it’s illegal, then where are they supposed to smoke or consume their products?

The answer lies within each and every one of us who wants to light up a joint, a bowl, or bong (or use a vaporizer) for a relaxing evening without having to worry about legal issues.

Time for Cannabis Lounges

Let’s continue to support our movement by visiting all of the establishments listed here at home and abroad and sharing our experiences with everyone who distrusts and misunderstands what the cannabis community is all about!

We’re not lawless thugs or drug dealers selling smack to kids on a school corner! We’re proud enthusiasts of a wonderful naturally occurring plant that has proven its invaluable worth to the economy, the medical community, and local communities across the world!

Much like alcohol without the disastrous and often deadly side effects, cannabis is an incredible social lubricant that helps people come together in a positive and uplifting way.

I mean, c’mon…when even John Travolta’s confused, we’ve got a problem here, though that could easily be because he scarfed down too many brownies…if he’s into that sort of thing.


Somebody Get This Man A Cookie & A Spliff ASAP!!

john travolta looking for the best cannabis clubs

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Okay, just kidding…sorry Travolta, you’re just gonna have to disco-dance for your cookie, but we’ll let you hit the spliff. 😉

Cannabis Can Be Consumed Safely, Responsibly, and Enjoyably In A Classy & Professional Environment

Instead of attacking the symptoms and sweeping them under the rug as the Colorado Springs City Council has opted to do, a better healthier strategy would be to redefine what cannabis really is and what it stands for in the public domain.

Surely, if we as a society can continue to allow wholesale consumption of a drug that is actually killing Americans at an alarming rate, it’s only fair to give marijuana a fair shake in spite of its shady past. To do that, marijuana needs to lose the stigma and reputation of being a gateway drug for dropouts, stoners, and losers.

And that, ladies and gents, is exactly what this guide is all about!

In this guide, we’ll walk you through what a cannabis club actually is, what you need to do to join one, and then walk you through a list of the most outstanding cannabis clubs world Wide that truly go above and beyond for their members.

That said, let’s be clear about something: These cannabis clubs aren’t for people simply looking to get stoned out of their minds, much like upscale bars and lounges aren’t for people looking to get wasted off their ass.

If you make fool out of yourself, expect to be shown the door. The idea is enjoy some cannabis, take it easy, and meet some other people while you’re having a good buzz. Pretty simple concept, right? So go through the list below which covers some of the best Cannabis Lounges World Wide!

Okay, enough intro blabber. Let’s dive in!

So What’s A Cannabis Club?

So you wanna join a cannabis club? Out of the 266 million people worldwide who smoke marijuana at least once a year, you’re not alone!

The concrete definition of a cannabis club varies from state to state among recreational states, but it can generally take one of three forms:

  1. Club members pay a membership fee, entry fees, and any additional fees for access to equipment for smoking or vaping, snacks, beverages, and a comfortable place to smoke.These clubs are strictly BYOB, meaning that members have to purchase their cannabis goods at a dispensary.
  2. The club itself dispenses cannabis products in the form of dabs, shatters, liquids, edibles, or buds, but these products are provided to members for free in addition to typical membership benefits that you’d find at a BYOB establishment.In other words, the cannabis products that are provided to members are not sold but given away as membership bonuses or gifts.
  3. Certain clubs will operate as collective gardens in which members will provide donations in exchange for cannabis or even bring their own plants if they happen to grow themselves.
New Leaf Enterprises Growing Room
An inside look into the New Leaf Enterprises Growing Room. Source:

What’s A Collective Garden?

Collective gardens grow their own cannabis and then distribute the product among members who have to have medical paperwork or a ‘green card” in order to donate and then receive an allotment of cannabis.

As a result, there has been a growing trend among enterprising growers who specialize in growing certain strains of marijuana and even creating cannabis-infused edibles or consumable products in the form of gummi bears, butter, and even soda.

In addition, many dispensaries stock their shelves by buying cannabis products through farmers markets or collective gardens.

In contrast to American cannabis clubs, European cannabis ‘social’ clubs were originally established as nonprofit collectives by Spanish activists as a means for people to come together, grow a certain amount of marijuana each month, and distribute it evenly among collective members per individual allotments.

This is similar to how medical collectives operate in the U.S., but there is a strong incentive and push for marijuana to be sold commercially in the U.S. in spite of intense pushback by U.S. legislators and policymakers.

Okay, So How Do I Join A Cannabis Club?

Good question! Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Private BYOB clubs: Typically you just have to present valid identification, such as a driver’s license or some form of state or government-issued ID, pay your membership fee plus an entry fee (if required), and then you’re good to go! You may find that in Medical states you will need a Medical Marijuana Script to join
  2. Membership Dispensary Club: The process is pretty much the same for a membership dispensary club as it is for a BYOB establishment: just present your ID, pay your dues, and enjoy your bud which can be sold on site!
  3. Collective gardens: In contrast to other cannabis clubs, you have to provide medical paperwork or a green card along with some form of valid ID in order to join a collective, but luckily there’s no limit to how many collectives you can join!

And Onto The Best Cannabis Clubs in the world (In no Particular order).

Without further ado, we present to you some of the finest cannabis clubs on the planet. Enjoy your smoke and show and Plan a trip if you have to! Peace! 😉

The Bulldog Palace  – Amsterdam

The Bulldog Palace is a Classic Amsterdam Bar and Café. Smoke weed and socialize. This place goes off and it a must visit while in Amsterdam and drinks are available.

Entry is +18yrs of age
Every Monday & Tuesday professional Karaoke
House DJ’s
Various V.I.P. areas available
Free Wifi Hot Spot
The largest smokers-room in Amsterdam with 6 internet stations
Large heated patio
Multiple bars serving international cocktails
Herbal mix available
Facts VIP Lounge Upper Deck:
Reservations accepted
Exclusive Champagnes

For more info on the Bulldog Palace, just click here!

The Speak Easy Colorado – Colorado Springs

This is by far the spot to go to in Colorado and experience a true cannabis lounge in America.


  • Great spot for new and returning people in Colorado, friendly environment!
  • Events often with big name stars, plenty of space and great music.
  • Liquor locker available for those who want a drink.
  • The best spot in Colorado!

For more info on the Speak Easy Club, just click here!

Senzi Barcelona

Senzi – Barcelona, Spain

If you have to choose one in Barcelona this is the club! Super posh design and frequent club djs and events. One of the top five star bud clubs in Barcelona. Great for night life and smoking and weekdays can be pretty mellow.

*All Clubs in Barcelona are private and membership is needed to get in*

For more info on Senzi, just click here!

Harvest – San Francisco

Harvest is possibly one of the most beautiful and exclusive cannabis lounges in the world.

This is a members only cannabis lounge that offers its visitors a beautiful and sleek environment where they can consume cannabis socially. Membership have a verity of services including an on-site “concierge”, luxurious furniture, beautiful atmosphere and of course Harvest’s very high-end cannabis menu to select from.

For more info on Harvest, just click here!

Green House – Amsterdam

The different green house clubs are home to some big name starts like Snoop Dog and Rihanna. This is a great place to smoke and eat when in Amsterdam. One of multiple Greenhouse Coffee and Smoking Lounge Locations in Amsterdam, The Green House Pijp offers all the best amenities and wide selection of cannabis products.. (These guys are known for their high quality cannabis.) A great travel destination or regular nightly stop, this place has it all!

For more info on The Green House, just click here!

High Life Social Club – Nova Scotia

This is a top notch cannabis lounge in Nova Scotia. Rentals of all types are available and the food is top of the line for that munchies snack. The staff is kind and the place is clean for a nice environment.

For more info on High Life, just click here!

Cannabis Culture Lounge – Vancouver, BC

Marc Emery’s Cannabis Culture Lounge is located at 307 West Hastings Street in Vancouver, Canada.

The Cannabis Culture Lounge is know as “Vancouver’s Original Vapor Lounge”. The Lounge is a great place to kick back, relax and enjoy vaping cannabis.

The atmosphere is comfortable, inviting and is located in the heart of the bustling city of Vancouver.

Marc Emery is the founder of the establishment and is well know as Canada’ “Prince of Pot”.

Emery has long been on the forefront of the cannabis movement and the lounge is a flagstone of his long ongoing legacy.

The Cannabis Culture Vapor Lounge is a fun and interesting destination.

Its a must visit when in the beautiful city of Vancouver, Canada!

For more info on Cannabis Culture Lounge, just click here!

SPARC  – San Francisco

SPARC is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary with Regular Cannabis Related Events. They provide Volcano vaporizers on site along with free tea to relax. What is nice about this lounge is they are very caring for their patients and have top quality meds on site. Then you just sit down in the lounge area and enjoy. They have events and music on different days as well as acupuncture.
They menu is top notch and the style of the club is superb..


For more info on SPARC, just click here!

club verde - best cannabis clubs

Club Verde – Barcelona, Spain

Club Verde is a private non-profit club that provides a solution for passionate cannasseurs looking for a reliable supply of cannabis through a grow collective.

  • All members must be 21 or older.
  • Under Spanish law, all members must have a Spanish residency permit or identification.

For more info on Club Verde Barcelona, just click here!

Tahoe Wellness Cooperative – Tahoe, California

We had to pick this place because of its location in the mountains of Tahoe, beautiful place to enjoy a lounge. Really awesome place, with comfortable medication lounge. Must have ID and med card to hang out. Go for a day on the slopes and come relax before your night out at our lounge.
This is a fun and safe place to Medicate and Socialize. This Medicating Lounge is located in the famous mountain town of South Lake Tahoe. (One of the planet’s top travel destinations.) !

For more info on Tahoe Wellness, just click here!

The Kashmir Coffeeshop – Amsterdam

Simply the coolest inside of a lounge we have seen in Amsterdam. The Kashmir Lounge Coffeeshop is a fun place to smoke weed and meet people. This café has a very unique “Indian” style to it. The Kashmir Lounge Coffeeshop is definitely a fun destination to check out when in Amsterdam. This is also a place to drink alcohol as well.

For more info on The Kashmir Lounge Coffeeshop, just click here!

Abraxas Coffeeshop – Amsterdam

Small yet Cool smoke in Coffee shop that has been around for over 20 years. The place was named after a children’s story book and the atmosphere brings that out. They also have a great selection to choose from. Highly recommended place to check out. Good place because of the open glass area where you can people watch.

For more info on Abraxas Coffeeshop, just click here!