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5 Best Cannabis Strains for Boosting Creativity

It’s no secret that many musicians and artists smoke pot with some even claiming that part of their creative genius comes from the herb. It turns out they may be right - a study conducted at the Berkley Medical School found that cannabis can stimulate creative drive increasing activity in the frontal lobe of your [...]

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How to Make Moonrocks: Some of the strongest cannabis out there

Moonrocks have been taking off lately as some of the strongest cannabis on the marketplace. Although this can be bought at your local dispensary you can also make this at home with the right supplies. Basically all you need is your favorite strain, hash oil and kief. But be aware this can carry a very [...]

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Dave Chappelle to air 3 new comedy specials on Netflix

SNL has been a launching vehicle for comedians since it premiered on NBC on October 11, 1975. As far as comedic institutions in America go, Saturday Night Live is one of the longest standing comedy shows in the world. It enjoys extraordinary brand recognition, and all comedians, hosts, and artists on the show are coveted by [...]

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Dry Herb Vaporizer – the most popular form of vaporization

If you have been an ardent user of anything dry herb or anything marijuana related (cannabis, tobacco,) and you want to be discreet, there is a better, healthier and more decent way of doing it or reducing the risk without causing more harm to yourself. Using your herbal vape pen or a dry herb vaporizer [...]

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What Would Be Legal Or Illegal Under Proposition 64 California

Proposition 64 legalizes marijuana under state law, for use by adults who are 21 years or older. The proposition imposes taxes on the cultivation and the sale of marijuana. This proposition also provides for industry licensing and set standards for marijuana products. The revenue collected as taxes will be used in drug research, drug treatment, [...]

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Proposition 300: Denver Allows Marijuana in Bars And Restaurants

Voters in Denver, Colorado have approved a first-in -the-nation law that permits bars and restaurants to offer patrons the option to use marijuana alongside a meal or a cocktail. Proposition 300 was approved by voters in Denver on the same day the state of California as well as other two states approved marijuana for all [...]

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San Francisco Cannabis Club Opening New BudPub.

Barbary Coast has well established itself as one of San Francisco’s most beautifully built and professionally operated medical marijuana clinics. Their unique wood and glass shelf interior designs, combined with a robust range of top shelf cannabis products, have made them one of the clubs that makes the City so famous in the industry. Now [...]

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San Francisco’s Top 5 Cannabis Lounges for 4/20

April 20th is well known as the largest holiday of the year for us cannabis lovers. Many of us celebrate 420 in different ways and a growing number are beginning to fill their local medicating lounges to smoke socially with others in celebration. Quite a few in the City tend to go to multiple lounges [...]

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Marijuana may soon be legal in Michigan

Marijuana may soon be legal in Michigan. Senate Bill 813, which is being introduced by State Senator Coleman A. Young II (D-Detroit) will allow Michigan residents to possess up to an ounce of marijuana and five marijuana plants. The bill allows residents of other states to posses a half-ounce. In addition, the bill has provisions [...]

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Higher Limits Lounge – First in Windsor

Higher Limits is Windsor’s first medical marijuana vaping lounge, and is locate in the center of downtown-right at the corner of Ouellette and University avenues. The facility, which provides medical marijuana users a safe and friendly environment to smoke, is strategically located not only to bring in customers, but also to raise awareness. Higher Limit’s [...]

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Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona, Must know!

People often confuse cannabis clubs in Barcelona with coffeeshops found in Amsterdam, but in fact the two of them couldn't be more different. First, coffeeshops are open to the public, and generally anyone can walk in and buy weed (and ingest it in a manner of their choosing). Cannabis clubs in Barcelona are not open [...]

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Is CBD right for you?

Medical marijuana is taking the states by storm and for great reason, people know there is benefits to marijuana. All major networks have covered the benefits of this plant from children to adults with many different conditions. Maybe you have tried marijuana and didn't feel it was a match or really like the feeling you [...]

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Marijuana Dating

Dating online is not the taboo it once was, in fact many find love and marriage though apps or websites now a days. With the growing popularity of dating online its no surprise that Marijauna dating sites are starting to pop up. For some people marijuana use could be a deal breaker and you shouldn't [...]

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Vermont’s Legalization Bill to Allow Cannabis Lounges

Vermont legalization bill is up for review to legalize Cannabis in 2016. While not the first state to do so they are unique in one way. And this is that the bill includes on-site cannabis consumption. Or in other words, it allows the existence of Cannabis Lounges. Cannabis Lounges was something previously not discussed right [...]

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Marijuana Vacation in Colorado

With most states still not legalized or even allowing medical mariajuna within the United States why not do a marijauna trip to Colorado. The state has been recreational for some time and you are free to buy and smoke within the state legally. Amsterdam thrives off the fact that you can basally go to this [...]

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Ban on Ashtreys blocking Cannabis Lounges in Canada?

Over the last decade, smoking has been banned in most Ontario business-and with good reason. Second hand cigarette smoke not only smells (to those that don’t smoke) but it can have negative health effects (too much second hand smoke has been linked to cancer). The problem with this is that laws prohibiting smoking inside businesses [...]

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Weed Coffee Shops in Seattle

          Seattle Washington is notorious for Coffee shops where patrons can enjoy a cup of some of the best coffees around. With cold climates and a robust city it makes for the perfect match. Recently Washington State has legalized recreational marijuana and doors opened in July of 2014. Does this mean we see a boom [...]

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Well Here at BudPubs we like to review products for the crowds that frequent BudPub clubs and join in the social smoking experience. When we found out about TokeSmart we said "what is this and what does it do"? To our surprise this is quite the unique and scientific product, and it works! Check out [...]

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BudPubs at Hightimes!

BudPubs played a visit to the High Times Cannabis Cup in Northern California our first year in business. We had the opportunity to network and introduce BudPubs to the top people in the business. One of our reps had the opportunity to talk with the infamous Russ Belville show while at the cup. Check it [...]

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Best Weed Vaporizers

Here is our pick for 2014 of the best portable weed vaporizers on the market!

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Club 64 in Denver opens doors

The fist marijuana club opened its doors in Colorado in 2013 allowing users 21 and over to bring their own bud and smoke socially. Although this common in Amsterdam and some in Canada this is really a first in America. Will this be a trend and the future of the industry in America? Although some [...]

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