There are a lot of famous stoner movie and TV characters out there who have seemingly made a career out of smoking pot on screen. From Cheech & Chong to the Trailer Park Boys, dozens of fictional and nonfictional folks alike have entertained the masses with their weed-fueled hilarity. But there are lots of perceived potheads across Hollywood that actually don’t toke. Here’s a list of celebrities that don’t get high that you thought did.

James Franco

Most people would assume that the somewhat strange actor/poet/professor, who starred as the silly yet sweet pot-dealer Saul in the stoner classic Pineapple Express, tokes up on the regular. But it turns out the guy is just convincing; Seth Rogen revealed on The Howard Stern Show that Franco doesn’t smoke.

Andre 3000

One half of the rap duo OutKast, Andre 3000 has been responsible for some of the biggest hits in hip-hop over the last 20 years. The rapper/musician has also been sober the whole time. “I actually looked in the mirror and saw myself deteriorating,” Andre 3000 told VIBE in 2012. “I was like, ‘Man, we’re doing too much. Way too much.”

“Weird” Al Yankovic

The parody singer has been the king of comedy music since the early 1980s, penning such hits as Eat It, White and Nerdy, and Like a Surgeon. Yankovic is known to avoid all drugs and alcohol and also follows a strict vegan diet. That must mean the Twinkie-weiner sandwich in UHF was fake.

Tyler, the Creator

For 99% of rappers, weed goes hand in hand with spitting rhymes. This is not the case for Odd Future leader Tyler, the Creator. The musician is known for avoiding drugs at all costs, even if most of his buddies are sparking up around him. He did after all say “And while yall rollin’ doobies, I’ll be in my bedroom scoring movies.”

Bradley Cooper

A-list actor Bradley Cooper has played a partying playboy in plenty of movies, but the actor revealed in 2012 that he is over a decade into sobriety. Cooper has been open about his recovery, stating that he owes the majority of his success to abstaining from mood-altering substances.

Edie Falco

Edie Falco’s critically-acclaimed stint as the titular character in Nurse Jackie follows the struggles of prescription pill addiction. Falco herself has been sober for over 20 years and has stated in interviews that her on-screen persona’s journey has continued to inspire her own.

50 Cent

It may be surprising to hear that a rapper who is a self-proclaimed former gang banger and drug dealer doesn’t get lit, but it’s the truth – at least for 50 Cent. He also shies away from drinking, once saying to Piers Morgan, “I had an experience with alcohol that made me paranoid because of it and I stayed away from it.”

Tobey Maguire

This actor has been open in the media about his sober status, having giving up weed, alcohol, and everything else when he was only 19. The Spider-Man actor reportedly struggled with binge drinking in his late teens and decided to give it up in order to focus on his career. Good move!