Amsterdam is known for its beautiful canals, bicycles, and incredible art museums. It’s also known for its dozens of coffeeshops, where people can purchase small amounts of cannabis or hashish for personal use. From multi-story establishments featuring vaporizer bars to tiny shops that offer a quick buzz and a coffee, Amsterdam has something for every type of toker. If you’re lucky enough to visit this historic Dutch city, here are five coffeeshops you can’t miss.

Coffeeshop Siberie

Some of the first coffeeshops tourists see when getting into Centraal Station are the famed Bulldog and The Doors, but walk just a block further and you’ll get to Siberie. A super cool shop offering hot and cold drinks along with their cannabis, Siberie offers a mellow vibe without the craziness of more touristy spots.

Dampkring Cafe

This coffeeshop is a favorite of locals and tourists alike, and is situated near Amsterdam’s famed flower market. Dampkring has incredible hash and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. It’s most famous for its appearance in the film Ocean’s Twelve.

Coffeeshop Smokey

Located off Rembrandtplein, Coffeeshop Smokey is a fun place for smokers of all ages. There is a juice bar as well as coffee and alcoholic beverages and there are pool tables to help pass the time. After enjoying a spliff, head down to the block to one of the area’s many clubs.

Lost in Amsterdam

Lost in Amsterdam is not technically a coffeeshop, but is a great place to imbibe. There are couches and daybeds throughout for lounging, including an awesome spot next to the window (if you’re luck enough to catch it). The bar also has hookah, and will allow you to mix in your weed or hash along with the shisha.

Grey Area

This coffeeshop is a bit off the beaten path but is a must-visit. Grey Area has won dozens of Cannabis Cup awards and is a favorite of many celebrities. Make sure to try the Lemon Haze or Chocolate Thai – it goes fast, so get there early!