12 Best Cannabis Tours For Your Next Vacation!

As marijuana tourism has grown in popularity in the United States, marijuana tours & dispensaries have now become a popular opportunity for the public to learn the ins and outs of the industry and how marijuana can ultimately benefit society as a whole.

Many cannabis tour companies take guests on tours through glassblowing demonstrations, commercial grow facilities, and recreational dispensaries.

Because all tours take unique approaches to the cannabis scene, it’s important that you do your homework ahead of time so you can choose the tour that will give you just the right experience you’re looking for.

Certain tour companies mainly offer group tours in the limousine or large limo bus, which often run during the weekend. In comparison, other marijuana tour operators mainly work with smaller groups or offer private concierge services.

During the tour, you will have the opportunity to purchase marijuana at recreational marijuana dispensaries and learn about the difference between sativa, indica, and hybrid strains.

Tour guides will warn you not to consume your stash in one sitting if you wish to enjoy the tour from start to finish. Though according to Susan Squibb of The Cannabist, tour guides almost always expect someone to push the envelope and break it as a result. As they say, there’s always that “one guy”…

Our advice? Listen to the tour guides, indulge in your stash responsibly, and enjoy the company of the other guests!

Anyhow, you’ll some of the tours that we’ve come across that we think you’ll find to be outstanding experiences, so make sure you bookmark this guide if you’re ever in the area and give one of these tours a try!

And seriously, where else in the world do you get to legally smoke pot on a bus? That’s gotta be on every cool person’s bucket list for sure! Puff, puff, pass!

high there hopper

High There! Hopper

Committed to creating a top-notch virtual smoking atmosphere, the masterminds behind the High There! app aim to create a social platform that can bring cannabis enthusiasts from all over the world together under one hub. Its ultimate goal is to bring cannabis to the mainstream by meeting the social needs of cannabis enthusiasts everywhere.

You would be mistaken in thinking that this app only caters to stoners and people who don’t accomplish anything but nothing could be further from the truth. There are many cannabis enthusiasts out there who are engineers, artists, entrepreneurs, yogis, and many others from various walks of life.

In Denver, High There! offers users a chance to take a high-flying bus ride on the High There Hopper, which you can only access if you use the app, so if you’re in Colorado and want to see the fuss is all about, just download the app and check it out!

To learn more about High There! Hopper, just click here!

Denver Marijuana Tours

Private Tours are best four groups of 6 people or less. This option can be completely customized to your liking and is most appropriate 4 scenic views then they are for traditional group tours. Guests participating in private to be picked up from any location in the Denver metro area.

As an option, grow house tours can be an excellent way to learn more about the art of horticulture trimming drying and curing marijuana.

this is a great option for individuals who are thinking about moving to Denver and need to learn about the different areas in the city. The private tour guide can take you to multiple dispensaries and introduce you to a wide variety of products and services that are unique to their respective locations. most guess tend to spend their time touring around the various scenic locales around the Denver area especially when fall colors are in full swing. That said there is plenty gorgeous natural scenery that you can enjoy year-round in Colorado.

Alternatively You can get up to 25 of your friends together to pitch in for a limo party bus marijuana tour pickups take place insert locations in downtown Denver where the party buses board guests typically become fast friends as they share joints steam rollers and Beaker bongs throughout the duration of the tour. atmosphere is light-hearted entertaining and engaging. many of our guests make new friends very quickly and exchange contact info following the tour. marijuana can bring people from various backgrounds and walks of life together in ways that few drugs can. given how the laws are structured in Colorado. this type of atmosphere and camaraderie between marijuana smokers is not common nor allowed in other recreational States.

To learn more about Denver Marijuana Tours, just click here!

airport pickup

420 Airport

420 Airport provides a convenient way to get in on the marijuana experience while in Colorado with the following services:

  1. They will transport you to and from the Denver International Airport.
  2. They will take you to a retail marijuana shop or you can purchase all products at the shop for 10% off of the retail price. Of course, there are many retail locations and dispensaries throughout the city and your driver will be more than happy to answer any questions that you have about what you can buy.

If you purchase a round trip, they will knock off 20% off of the total cost of the trip.
As for payment, 420 Airport will take down your credit card number and charge you by the time you are ready to be picked up. Alternatively, customers can also pay in cash upon arrival.

In addition to the airport pickup, 420 airport also provides the following services:

  • During your stay, you can rent a vaporizer from 420 Airport for $20 a day. Choices include either the Buddah or Silver Surfer vapes. If requested, your driver will bring the vape when he picks you up at the airport and leave it with you at the hotel. When it’s time to head back to the airport, you will give the vape back to the driver.
  • In order to request a vape simply type “vape rental” into the special request field as you book your transportation. You can also call them to reserve a vaporizer over the phone. Bongs are also available as an alternative.
  • 420 Airport offers a tour service for $99 per person. Tours are scheduled every Saturday from noon to 4:20 p.m.
  • If you’re looking to attend an event at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado, 420 airport offers a full tailgate trip package for up to 7 individuals for $265.
  • Are you planning on hitting the slopes? 420 Airport offers a 420-friendly ski shuttle service to any ski resort in Colorado.

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Colorado Cannabis Concierge VIP Service

Colorado Cannabis Concierge

As a full turnkey cannabis travel experience, Colorado Cannabis Concierge provides a great way to experience Colorado’s incredible cannabis scene as well as its breathtaking natural landscapes.

Services include:

  • 5-star concierge services
  • A private itinerary that is completely customized for your full enjoyment.
  • In-depth expertise on Colorado and its culture.
  • An immensely rewarding and enjoyable experience that is unrivaled anywhere else.
  • Luxury vehicles that ensure a top-notch first-class experience.

All tours are specifically designed to reveal Colorado’s top cultural highlights while allowing you to partake in the ultimate Colorado cannabis experience.

From reserving your hotel room, a trip into the Rocky Mountains, tickets to sports events, restaurant reservations, concerts, and recreational dispensary tours, your concierge team will handle it all to ensure your stay is a blast!

To learn more about Colorado Cannabis Concierge, just click here!

My 420 Tours

Since 2014, My 420 Tours has successfully served thousands of tourists from all around the globe.

My 420 Tours is recognized as the #1 cannabis vacation and tour company and has expanded its services to include to offer year-round hotel packages, weekly cannabis tours, and several all-inclusive cannabis vacation packages.

Services and tours include:

    • Vertical Grow Vip Dispensary Tour – $99 per person

As one of the only vertical grow houses on the planet, this cutting-edge Cannabis cultivation facility the truly innovative cultivation system that provides a substantially greater crop yield by making more effective use of space and energy.

Master Growers will host the tour and answer any and all questions that you have about cultivation techniques and cannabis strains.

As a My 420 Tour guest, you will receive exclusive discounts as well as VIP access at 2 top of the line Recreational dispensaries or expert budtenders will be available to guide you do the ultimate cannabis shopping experience.

    • Budz And Sudz – Grow & Dispensary Tour – $99 per person

If you want to experience Colorado’s best craft beers and cannabis, then this is the tour for you.

Amenities include luxurious 420-friendly transportation, a tour inside a 40,000 sq. ft., state-of-the-art grow house, exclusive discounts at recreational dispensaries, and a tour inside Beryl’s Craft Brewery, where you can enjoy amazing craft beer and listen to live music.

You may purchase beers to take home with you or to drink on the limo bus. In addition, you may also enjoy snacks on the bus.

    • Sushi, Sake, & Joint Rolling Class – $69 per person

Would you like to learn how to roll sushi and a joint at the same time? Well, with this class you can do both!

All supplies needed for the class are included in the ticket price.

This one of a kind cannabis culinary experience will be hosted by executive chef Travis French while a representative from futurola papers will be present to teach you how to roll up a tight joint like a true cannasseur.

    • Marijuana Greenhouse & Dispensary Tour – $49 per person
This 2.5-hour marijuana vacation is an remarkable opportunity to get an inside glimpse into the Colorado cannabis scene. Throughout the tour, a chauffeur will take you for a trip throughout Denver in a luxurious cannabis-friendly vehicle where you may fully indulge in your stash.

To learn more about My 420 Tours, just click here!

Colorado Green Tours

Colorado Green Tours is a full-service 420-friendly Colorado travel agency, tour company, and transportation provider. Tours are available for customers who want to see growing, harvesting, processing, manufacturing, and retail cannabis dispensaries where you can legally buy cannabis.

Per their excellent concierge service, tours can easily be catered to groups on a budget or groups that can afford the full 5-star experience.

Available tours include:

  • Cannabis Cooking Class & Sampling Session
  • Personal Tour Guide Sampling Session
  • Rocky Mountain High Tour
  • Half-Day Denver Dispensary Tour
  • Denver City Life Package
  • The Big J Package

To learn more about Colorado Green Tours, just click here!

Get Elevated

Get Elevated is a cannabis oriented travel company located in Colorado.

Colorado has always been a unique and beautiful place to visit. With our excellent skiing, magnificent parks, culturally interesting cities, top notch museums, contemporary galleries, elegant fine dining, and excellent shopping, we have been a destination for the outdoor adventurer and city aficionado alike.

As a cannabis oriented travel company in Colorado with over 23 years of experience in the travel industry, Get Elevated can hook you up with VIP access to concerts, private parties, meet-and-greets with local Colorado artists, visits to popular attractions, and private dinners just for starters.

Their main offerings and service packages include:

  • Beer Tours
  • Photo Tours
  • Bike Tours
  • CannaPackages
  • Accommodations
  • Custom & Group Tours

To learn more about Get Elevated, just click here!

Puff Pass And Paint

Puff Pass and Paint

How would you like to be able to paint and smoke a joint at the same time? Well, that’s what Puff Pass and Paint is all about!

Denver-based painter Heidi Keyes leads classes of up to 9 people at a time, teaching everyone step by step how to create mind-altering works of art while in a mind-altered state.

To learn more about Puff Pass and Paint, just click here!

Durango Artisanal Tours

Durango Cannabis Tours is a cannabis friendly tour company located in Durango Colorado.

It is literally one of the “highest” highs you will experience as some of our tours start at 6,500 feet (2000 meters) and go to 11,000 feet (3300 meters!)

Be prepared to laugh a lot and walk away feeling de-stressed and full of awe as Durango is one of the prettiest areas of the state. Our goal is to keep you legal, happy, hydrated, and fed. We are locals and we know the place well. We look forward to sharing it with you.

To learn more about Durango Artisanal Tours, just click here!

Club 64 – Colorado’s First Official Marijuana Club!

Named after Amendment 64, which was the amendment that officially opened the gates to legalizing recreational marijuana usage, Club 64 is Colorado’s first official marijuana club, and it’s paved the way for marijuana clubs and businesses.
Club 64 offers a number of tours that are designed specifically to accommodate tourists and marijuana enthusiasts alike, such as:

  • Airport Layover Tours – If you have a layover at DIA, they’ll pick you up, escort you to a recreational store to get your goods, and then take you to “The House” so you can enjoy your goodies and enjoy the atmosphere.
  • Private Denver Cannabis Grow Tour – You’ll get to experience a grow tour at the Denver Recreational Dispensary. After that, you’ll be escorted to the “The House” where you can smoke, vape, or consume your stash. Free MJ gift included!
  • Airport Pickup For Guest Members – You’ll get picked up at the airport, escorted to the Denver Recreational Dispensary and Art Gallery, and then dropped off at your local hotel downtown. This also includes a free MJ gift!

Click here to learn more about Club 64.

cannabis tour colorado highlife

Colorado Highlife Tours

Stay “elevated” and book with the longest running Colorado cannabis tour, marijuana vacation & 420 friendly travel company.

As the longest-running Colorado cannabis tour agency, Colorado Highlife Tours provides a full-service cannabis vacation and tour package that’ll have you soaring in smokey clouds of green. Forget the fog machine — you won’t need it!

Looking for an upscale VIP experience? The fine folks at Colorado Highlife Tours will hook you up with:

  • Personally guided 420 tours!
  • Hosted events such as the Denver 420 Fest!
  • 420-friendly party coaches & luxury limos!
  • Trips to private cannabis clubs!
  • Tour, concierge, and VIP travel services!

Colorado Highlife Tours provides top-of-the-line tours for both novices and seasoned cannasseurs.

To learn more about Colorado Highlife Tours, just click here!

Mile High Limo Tours

Mile High Limo Tours

Ever since marijuana was legalized in Colorado in January 2014, Mile High Limo Services has been providing adult marijuana fans with the best marijuana-friendly limo services and private 420-friendly tours in the Denver and Boulder areas. Mile High Limo Tours was founded especially for Colorado tourists and residents looking to explore and enjoy the recreational marijuana industry as privately and safely as possible while having a great time.

Tours and services are 100% private and exclusively reserved for clients only. Tours are tailored to the needs of our clients rather than to the general public, and tour guides / drivers are experts with plenty of knowledge and experience in the marijuana industry. The level of service and attention they provide is top-notch and well renowned.

For clients who prefer a less rigid schedule than what is typically reserved for group tours, tours can also be scheduled to better fit clients’ scheduling needs.

In addition, a 420 limousine or party bus can also be scheduled for a private event or outing, which can include concerts, day excursions into the nearby mountains, and bachelor / bachelorette parties.
To learn more about Mile High Limo Tours, just click here!