If you’re like any typical weed smoker, you may find yourself aimlessly scrolling through Netflix, searching for the perfect viewing experience. Nothing too scary or dark – something that is light-hearted but not a romantic comedy. Something cool, funny, deep, smart, visually-stunning with cool music – why isn’t that a Netflix category? Stop what you’re doing and read on for 10 things you will want to stream if you’re super high – you’ll thank us later.

Bob’s Burgers

This feel-good animated sitcom follows the adventures of the Belcher clan and their family restaurant is always good for a laugh. The popular yet subversive show is currently in its seventh season, but the first five are available to stream now.

A Dog’s Life

If you love canines, this awesome documentary is for you. Learn about how man’s best friend perceives the world and how they became such great pets. Definitely features good vibes.

Trailer Park Boys: Out of the Park – Europe

Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles have decided to hit the road, leaving Sunnyvale Trailer Park behind. Follow the trio’s booze and weed-fueled antics as their supposed free trip to Europe goes awry. Fans of the original Trailer Park Boys show will love this spin-off.


Children of the 90s will remember this comedy about some boys at a weight-loss camp who have to defeat an evil fitness guru. Ben Stiller (whose parents also appear) appears as the villain, an early version of his character from Dodgeball. Bonus – Judd Apatow worked on the script!

Hannibal Buress – Comedy Camisado

Hannibal Buress has been gaining traction as a stand-up comedian and actor after several successful tours and roles on Broad City and The Eric Andre Show. This Netflix special was filmed in Minneapolis and features Buress discussing steroids, Kanye West, and what it’s like to lose your ID. Don’t watch this if you hate laughter.

Planet Earth

This classic documentary series is a great one to throw on when you’re feeling extra chill. View amazing footage of coral reefs, jungles, and mountains while enjoying the smooth voice of David Attenborough. Yeah you may have seen this but you can also mute the dialogue and play some music while watching – it creates a whole new show!

Peep Show

This hilarious UK sitcom follows roommates Mark and Jeremy, a somewhat Odd Couple-esque pair as they navigate their lives. Viewers can hear the main character’s awful thoughts, making this brutally honest comedy even more cringeworthy than It’s Always Sunny. Check it out on Netflix immediately.

Into the Inferno

The most recent documentary from legendary German filmmaker Werner Herzog revolves around a volcanologist who travels the world learning more about the lava-spewing wonders and how local cultures view them. The footage is breathtaking and will bring you deeper into a volcano than you could ever imagine. Herzog’s voice-over will make you want to watch all of his movies.


An homage to color and sound, this Disney classic features epic animation and with a classical music narration. Some parts get a little scary, but don’t worry – everything works out. Try it with other music if you want a new experience.

Super High Me

Okay, the word “high” is in the title. If you’re a stoner and have never seen this movie, get on it. The documentary has comedian Doug Benson exploring what being high all the time does to the body. Benson abstains from cannabis for 30 days, then tokes nonstop for another 30. Hilarity and surprise mind-reading tests ensue.