Marijuana is now legal for recreational or medical uses in 28 states plus the District of Columbia. This booming business is bringing in lots of cash – and lots of jobs. According to recent analysis, the cannabis industry could be worth a staggering $22 billion by 2020 and potentially create nearly 450,000 jobs. Want to get in on the Green Rush and gain employment in the pot world? Here are 10 different jobs you may be able to get.

Dispensary Manager

If you have a background in retail management, heading up a legal pot shop may be a career you want to explore. The number of dispensaries is exploding and owners need professional and knowledgable folks at the helm. Bonus points if you have a business degree.

Delivery Driver

Want a change from slinging pizzas? Reliable delivery drivers are a must-have for many medical marijuana businesses whose patients may be too ill to leave their homes. The cannabis careers job board 420Careers has tons of delivery driver positions listed.

Brand Ambassador

There is a lot of competition in the emerging cannabis industry, with dozens of new businesses selling everything from edibles to vaporizers popping up every month. These companies need to get boots on the ground in order to promote and sell their wares, which is where brand ambassadors come in. If you’re motivated and outgoing, this gig may be for you.

Extraction Technician

The concentrates market is exploding with more and more people preferring to vape hash oil or dab than smoke straight herb. Technicians work in labs to aide in the CO2 extraction process, and usually have experience in science, engineering, or machinery operation.

Security Guard

Outside nearly every dispensary is a security guard, checking I.D.s and ensuring the safety of patients and providers alike. Since marijuana remains illegal on the federal level, it’s a cash-only business. In addition to providing security at dispensaries, there are many opportunities to provide secure transport of money and product to and from private facilities.

Edibles Creator

Interested in the culinary arts? Edibles have come a long way since the pot brownies of yore, with chefs and bakers creating exquisite treats, beverages, and even five-course meals using cannabis. While the edibles market is pretty competitive, it can also be quite lucrative.

Administrative Professional

White collar careers in the cannabis industry are often overlooked but are some of the most important. Accountants, legal experts, receptionists, and marketing reps are needed by all businesses to succeed and the pot world is no exception. Many people breaking into the industry do so in one of these positions.


Those beautiful buds in the pages of High Times with glistening trichomes and bright orange hairs didn’t just fall off of the stem. Once the pot plant is ready to be harvested, it has to be dried and the leaves need to be trimmed down. While these gigs don’t pay as much as some other pot jobs, the work is plentiful.

Cultivation Consultant

Growing amazing weed isn’t an easy job but someone’s gotta do it. Both large-scale and home grow set-ups often require experts in agriculture or botany to keep them running smoothly. Cultivation consultants educate growers on proper nutrients, temperatures, crossbreeding, and more.


The budtender is an integral part of any dispensary, as they assist customers in finding the right strain for their needs. Budtenders know everything there is to know about weed and are able to communicate this in a compassionate way to everyone who enters their business.

There are lots of awesome jobs in the cannabis industry and right now is definitely a great time to get in the game. The Green Rush is at a peak with no signs of slowing down, so it’s the perfect opportunity to cash in.